The Hills Update: Kristin Cavallari Not Joining Cast; Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port Out at Teen Vogue

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Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port sat down with Extra this week and denied reports that Kristin Cavallari will be joining The Hills.

At least Kristin has Matt Leinart to console her.

Lauren Conrad Out in L.A.

Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are on the unemployment line. Well, LC's reality show, fashion line and endorsement deals aside.

A report from Women's Wear Daily claims that Teen Vogue has decided not to renew its partnership with the MTV hit reality show next season.

Lauren Conrad worked as an intern, while Whitney Port was her West Coast fashion editor. Officials for Teen Vogue and MTV have declined comment.

But a source tells WWD that magazine officials didn't exactly approve of the stars' behavior, which included feuding, clubbing and making out.

"The average age of the magazine's readership is 16 â€" do they really want to support the behavior depicted [in The Hills]?" a source asked.

"They also started to see that newsstand sales were flat ... There was no blip on the radar when Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port were involved."

Insiders say Conrad and Port will be still featured in some sort of working capacity, but not at Teen Vogue. Where they'll work is anyone's guess.

In The Hills season finale, Conrad and Port jetted off to Paris to assist a Teen Vogue editor at a ball. Plenty of footage from the trip will be part of eight "bonus" Hills episodes airing at some point this spring.

Here's the girls' interview ...


UPDATE: "The girls have moved on from Teen Vogue," a spokesperson for the mag said, declining to say whether or not Teen Vogue will be part of the series next time (which almost certainly means it won't be).

Another report says that Lauren Conrad helped increase sales by double digits at Teen Vogue over two years, but MTV is out to mix things up.

Whitney has also reportedly been offered a job at W Magazine. We'll have more information on this for you when it becomes available.


lauren is a person that thinks everyone should thank like her she always has to be right and it gets on my nerves she thanks that everyone should live,thank and live by her rules.. also other thing she thinks she's always right and never wrong.. girl you have alot of growing up to do cause you are not perfect so get a life and if you don't quit acting the way you do get off television cause no one likes when you thank you can control other peoples life's stay out of other people's problem's and live yours...act like you did on laguna your a stuck up bitch that thank's it all about you


I think Lauren is stuck up and thinks everyone should bow down to here. I LOVE Audrina and her bad ass style! I thik if Kristin comes to the show it will Spice up more drama and it will be interesting. So what if Brody goes back to Kristin Lauren can't tag all the boys.


I think that if Kristin comes to The Hills it will ruin everything between Lauren and Brody, which Kristin always seems to do. I relly like Lauren and she deserves some better friends


we love the hills


Just found the location of Speidi's apartment - you can see it here:

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