The American Idol Power Poll: Volume I

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As we prepare for the third week of American Idol auditions, it seems like a good time to break out our first Power Poll of the season.

With four solid episodes under our belt, here's how The Hollywood Gossip staff ranks this year's early contenders:

1) Kristy Lee Cook: Gorgeous Oregonian's ''Amazing Grace'' was highlight of the opening two weeks - but will fans revolt against her one-time record deal with Arista Nashville?

2) Michael Johns: His former band once had a deal with Madonna's music label, but a professional background is par for this year's American Idol course. The Aussie made a strong impression with a tight T-shirt, toned biceps, and a solid Otis Redding cover.

3) David Archuleta: Former Star Search winner has the sympathy vote locked up: he struggled with a paralyzed vocal chord as a child. This year's Sanjaya... with talent?

4) Carly Smithson: Another American Idol hopeful with prior experience â€" she crashed and burned in her major-label debut as Carly Hennessy a few years back â€" this tattooed Irishwoman displayed great range on ''I'm Every Woman.''

5) Colton Swon: We liked his impressive take on Little Big Town's ''Boondocks'' and are extra excited about the rumor that he plays the guitar during the Hollywood round.

6) Kady Malloy: Simon Cowell dubbed her the best audition he'd seen during the opening week after she belted out ''Unchained Melody." We loved her impression of Britney Spears. Singing, that is. Not being insane.

7) Alaina Whitaker: Confident (said Carrie Underwood looks like her!) and with a powerful voice for a 16-year old.


Merrick, your words about David Archuleta are just beautiful. Thank you so much for wrinitg such a moving thank you to him. I just want you to know that your songs are wonderful too. The Most Beautiful Part About This Is especially is so impactful to me that it brings me to tears. It reminds me of a time in my life when I was in such a difficult place that I realized my only salvation was to go to my knees and reach out to God for his help and mercy, and He was merciful and through His blessings helped me find my way. I listen to your song and know that I need to remember that He is there for us if we just ask. Thank you for wrinitg songs with such a meaningful message.


To watch the "Amazing Archie" in a MEDLEY go to youtube and TYPE in
David Archuleta Medley....the one under EFMUTTON ..running time 10 minutes...enjoy!!


David Archuleta is the best singer ever and he is going to make it all the way i believe in him and i no he is going to win


David A. is my favorite!

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