Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag: Our Vacation Diary

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Vacationing at the One & Only Palmilla resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag definitely didn't stage any pictures. Never.

These entirely candid, natural photos show The Hills couple everyone loves to hate hangin' out, relaxing and having so much fun it's like, crazy.

Let's take a little photo tour of Spencer and Heidi's Cabo vacation, shall we?

OMG! Froliciking in the waves is, like, so much fun! Maybe we'll even go surfing later! Too bad all we're catching back in the states are waves of nausea.

PDA: What's a trip to Cabo without showing affection for your lover... to the entire celebrity gossip world. Heidi and Spencer are so in love... with publicity.

Reading up: While Spencer Pratt checks out Fortune to pick up some new schemes, Heidi Montag makes sure those fake boobs are kept sunburn-free.

Working out: We're not sure what Heidi weighs, since she's mostly made of plastic, but Spencer Pratt finds out during an impromptu push-up session.

Yawn: Playing on the beach and staging pics all day is hard work! Time to relax, recover and get ready for the bonus episodes of The Hills this spring!


She Does have a beautiful killer body, my god.


you can tell they pretty much POSE for all those pictures. how pathetic


dese r da funniest fotos iv eva seen so natural not haha toooooo gud


its so funny/pathetic... while we r all looking at pics of heidi n spencer (n any other celeb 4 that matter) n making gay ass comments about it, they are just rolling in the cash. But hay, we are giving them just what they want arnt we. Free Fame! Guys, get over it. Who honestly gives a **** what they do, how they do it, n why.


Hey!! ya know i think you spencer, & heidi are so immachur, i just hope you guys live a happy life 2gether ya'll dezev eacother, i hope things work out for you guys for heidi's sake, i hate ya heidi but i love ya!!


i hate those 2 loser they r boring. they dont have a life




Hysterical commentary.


What exactly does Spencer DO for a living?


I can stand either of you. You are both horrible people. GO AWAY....

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