Sean Young Heckles Director, Enters Rehab

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Move over, Amy Winehouse.

Sean Young is stealing your crazy headlines.

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The washed up actress, who is best known for her role in Ace Venture: Pet Detective, has entered rehab for alcohol abuse. The latest evidence of her problem?

She heckled The Diving Bell and the Butterfly director Julian Schnabel at this weekend's Directors Guild of America Awards. And no one messes with the Schnab!


What is the benefit of using the rehab. Do you know how to use the rehab. I have heard a lot about rehab but still could not get the real information regarding rehab. Is this a addiction?


I loved Sean Young in all of her movies! I didn't know she was washed up(?) It's sad too see so many of the beautful and talented people in Hollywood live a life of addiction, drugs, alcohol, sex, sell your soul for 15 minutes of fame or shame is really, really sad... Atleast, she has the guts to admit she's got a problem and put herself in rehab....Remember day at a time.


Isn't there enough meaningful negativity in the world today? We have American men and women defending OUR country and dying in the process. Families saying goodbye to loved ones for months at a time with only the prayer that they will come home safe. WHY are we consistantly subjected to the meaningless "news" of those that seemingly have it all and don't have a clue what to do with it. Do I really care? NOT.


I LOVED Sean Young in Ace Ventura! It is sad to see the life of Hollywood clouded with addiction. I am glad she has chosen to get help!


Judging by the amount of glasses on her table, I would say she had 7 too many!!


ewww.... look at the deodorant chalk she put on her date's shoulder!


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