Ryan Seacrest is Sexy

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Sorry, Simon Cowell. But you didn't make this year's Victoria's Secret What is Sexy? list.

Even more frustrating for this American Idol judge? His on-screen rival, Ryan Seacrest, did earn a spot in the latest rankings. The lingerie company announced this week that Seacrest has a sexy smile.

Ryan Seacrest is sexy. We can safely say a contestant on this year's American Idol, Kristy Lee Cook, can also be classified as such.

"What's sexy about (Seacrest) is he doesn't act like he is," Victoria's Secret spokeswoman Monica Mitro said. "We felt that his smile was quite sexy â€" in a very subtle and innocent and humble way."

A Saturday night party in Scottsdale, Arizona is planned to recognize the honorees. They also include annoying, unfunny comedian Dane Cook, Rihanna, Tony Romo, Fergie and Josh Duhamel.


THEY ARE NOT DATING YOU FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON WHY WOULD THEY EVER DATE???????????????????????? I WILL DATE HIM ONE DAY..........WATCH ME SUCKAS!!!!!!!


i live in scottsdale az!
right by pinnacle peak!
visit meee please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Ryan Seacrest and Kristy Lee Cook are an item. Just watch how these two interact on the stage. He has a special smile for her and they stand a wee bit too close to each other.
Something is going in here, people!

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