Report: Adnan Ghalib Still Very Much Married

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The photo agency that employs Adnan Ghalib claims he is "happily dating" Britney Spears.

But MSNBC is reporting that those who say the paparazzo has been separated from his wife for more than a year are as misguided as Spears herself.

"He was with [his wife] up until a week before he and Britney started this thing," said an insider. "And she thinks that they'll work things out in the end."

Moreover, Ghalib and his wife actually communicate frequently, which only makes the situation stranger. Unless you believe that - shocker! - the couple is just looking for money out of the deal.

"It makes you think that she [Ghalib's wife] must think they'll get something out of it in the end," added the source, confirming the impression that everyone in the world not named Britney Spears is under.

Brace yourselves, Adnan Ghalib might only be sticking with Britney Spears for money! We hate to break this to everyone out there who thought it was true love.

A friend of Britney's - who must not be Alli Sims or Sam Lutfi because they'd identity themselves in a heartbeat - is on to Ghalib and his motives.

"This thing with Adnan is so frustrating, it's clear he's taking advantage of Britney," said the pal. "And with Britney, she'll keep this up because she hates being alone and she knows it's pissing people off. She just doesn't get any of it."

Meanwhile, Spears faces the custody hearing to end all custody hearings later today. Come back to The Hollywood Gossip often for updates on it!


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I am a grandmother and my heart breaks for this child and her children. I feel we the people need to reach out to her and give her support and stop fosusing on the negitive and focus on the positive with her. I live in a small country area and I feel that Britney needs to be in a quiet loving area with positive support. The simple life with no expectations of her or her family. I will be praying for this family. If I can help feel free to contact me. I have worked in the field of Early Childhood for 27 years and have a Masters degree in Early Childhood. The children need a stable loving home, money can not buy this it has to be provided, now is the time and we as a society must help to ensure that all children have the best caring and loving environment possible. May God Bless You,
Margaret Bailey


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