Rachael Ray: Dunkin Donuts Sucks As Much as I Do!

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We hate Rachael Ray.

She spells her first name incorrectly. She's annoyingly upbeat, like an irritating version of Kelly Ripa. And, as a shill for Dunkin Donuts, she's a complete and utter sell out.

While a favorite of at least one staff writer at The Hollywood Gossip, Dunkin Donuts is not the realm of a supposed gourmet chef.

And guess who agrees with this assessment? Rachael Ray!

Sources say the talk show host recently took "one sip of her Dunkin' Donuts coffee, yelled "What is this s-it? Get me MY coffee," and would not continue until she was given "her" coffee, which is Starbucks.


I think The webmaster at the Rachael Ray Show sucjks. He deletes all negative comments and no other show does that- too self-absorbed maybe.


it's good to see someone that injoys food,and doesn't say I'm sorry for it. what rachel,says is in modiration. so you can enjoy a great steak,or a chef salad,but you,yourself should know your limits,as in alcohol,the same in your consumption of food. I enjoy rachel's show, at least she's having a fun time doing it,and look at her guest list, she is doing something right. also her doing dunkin donuts,so what.and as for the coffee remark,I guit drinking their coffee long ago,reminds me how white castle here in st.louis would leave their coffee on all night,no fresh coffee till the pot was empty. that was for all us night party animals something strong to drink,and their famous white castle hamburgers to eat on the way home. keep doing whay U DO RACHEL.


I see someone's jealous of Rachael Ray's talent. She can cook, get's what she wants, and is a hell of a cook. Everything the author wishes she could be....


Well, she does have a point. Dunkin Donuts sucks.


Spells her name incorrectly? "Rachael" as a variant of "Rachel" has been in use for centuries.


I'm pretty sure your are not any better. (i.e. you would post that about someone) No ones perfect, (except maybe Oprah) but Rachael trys to a happy and easy going person. If you dont like it, try getting a life?


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