Priscilla Ceballos Sorry For Fake Hannah Montana Essay

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How far would you go to see Hannah Montana?

We mean in person, not just the racy Miley Cyrus photos on our site.

Young Pole Dancer

It turns out one Texas mom would go pretty damn far. She helped her daughter, who is six years old, win tickets in a contest by writing an essay falsely claiming her father died in Iraq in a roadside bombing. Well, that's one strategy.

Priscilla Ceballos apologized Friday on NBC's Today Show.

In a statement, she said she just got caught up in the moment of trying to help her daughter realize her dream of seeing Hannah Montana.

"Instead I brought so much negative attention to my family," Ceballos said. "Please accept my apology and please do not punish my child for my mistake."

Priscilla Ceballos also apologized to the military and military families.

"I just wanted to help my daughter write a compelling story," Ceballos said. "And There is certainly no more compelling story than the struggle and sacrifices of our military and their families."

The essay â€" which featured the opening line, "My daddy died this year in Iraq" â€" won the grand prize in a contest, sponsored by Club Libby Lu.

The big prize included airfare for four to Albany, N.Y., and four - four! - tickets to a sold-out Hannah Montana concert there, as well as a makeover that included a blonde Hannah Montana wig!! Like, OMG!!!

After Priscilla Ceballos admitted to officials that the essay information was untrue, the prize was awarded to another unnamed contestant.

Miley Cyrus was reportedly too busy kissing girlfriends to comment.


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She is a low life bitch. No one even likes her! She is uneducated! How nice of you bitch to make your culture look sooooooooooooooooo good! Of course, I have the wisdom not to sterotype a culture or an ethnic group based on another's actions. But you are beyond ignorant. Word of advice, You should learn to make up your face before you can make your mind to do some dumb shit like this. You just proved to America how ignorant,ghetto, and pathetic you are! Looks like a graduate from clown college did your makeup. Go to a professional make up artist for Goodness sake. Now you looking dumb and stupid. I just laugh at you becuase I see how ignorant and ghetto you are. SO SAD!!!


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OMG! It is no big deal! Miley was just having fun. She was being a normal teenager. Leave har alone. Tons of people make something a big deal but it's not really.


well what the mother did was totally stupid n' short-sighted...and yea i agree with Sheila on the eyebrows


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What's up with her eyebrows? She looks like she drew them on with a magic marker!!!


I think what this mother did was really disrespectful on her part. She has disrespected almost half of the American Families today. I have a brother in Iraq right now and i dont think it would be nice to make a story like that up about him... I think this lady is a low life and i think that she needs to be punished for her "mistake"- she is a grown women! she needs to know right from wrong! She needs to be taught a lesson. PLUS she had a lawyer and psychologist with her... so obviously she knows she did something wrong... i feel sorry for her kids... they have a lieing mother- and i agree her sharpie eyebrows need help! maybe she could have wrote an essay on how my lieing mother has fake eyebrows and she really needs the libby lu make over!


I can only imagine what the Perezers were doubt something about being in a gang in East LA! I saw this interview this morning. She actually had a lawyer and psychologist with her- poor girl, what she REALLY needed was a makeup artist. Those Sharpie eyebrows are begging for help!


That is so crazy......I dont think Miley Cyrus is a good singer AT ALL!!! My little sister is obsessed with all that stuff and homegirl can use some singing lessons. On the forum turned into one big racial rant!! Its kind of funny to read though, I must admit. He posted the picture and then wrote "I would wear my eyebrows like that if........." and the answers are pretty funny. GO check em out if you want a good laugh!! ♥


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