Paula Abdul Rumored to Perform at the Super Bowl

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In case Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were somehow not washed up enough, Super Bowl XLII might be adding another ancient act to its musical show.

TV Guide is reporting that FOX is talking to insane American Idol judge Paula Abdul about performing on the telecast. Who cares that she hasn't released an album of new material since 1995's Head Over Heels?

On the Finale

Move over, Tom Brady and Tony Romo. Paula Abdul may be the star of this year's Super Bowl.

With Tom Petty set to bore us at halftime, and Jordin Sparks singing the national anthem, it's unclear when Abdul would go on. But it's evident just what she'd be doing during her time back in the spotlight:

The former Laker Girl is in rehearsals for a video duet with Randy Jackson, the first single from his upcoming Music Club Vol. 1 CD. Paula would use this choreography as a basis for any Super Bowl routine.

Do you wanna see the American Idol judge dancing and singing again? Or might this lead to a performance that trumps Britney Spears at the Video Music Awards for sheer ineptitude?


Perfect work!


You..... freakin...................................................... ignorant......ill-informed.....moron!! Tom Petty washed up?? Perhaps you missed the legion of fans that pack each auditorium he plays at every time he tours, let alone an album in the top ten each time he puts one out. He has listeners that run the gamut from young kids, teens, 20's up to the older hippy geezers older than TP & the Heartbreakers themselves! His hit singles have ammassed to ridiculous numbers...more so than any "classic rock artist." I can only imagine that you listen to modern pop, r&b or rap...which essentially nullifies you from EVER talking about quality genuine music. Sorry, you fail.


To all the haters (who I might add WILL be old one day), why don't you just have some respect and shut your yaps! One day you TOO will have more plastic than Mattel, and be able to blink your own a$$e$. I saw the taping of the video at Fox Studios, and it was actually okay. I went in expecting her to fall or something, but she's actually a REAL NICE woman, and definitely sweeter than any of you bittertans.


I can't wait for this! I'm pumped! Paula hasn't performed in years and she's full of talent! Can't wait till Feb 3rd!


Paula singing again made my day! She is such an inspiration to many young teens. I can't believe that she again. if paula does sing it will make so many people happy, especially her fans who have been waiting for something like this for years!!!


Ok... Guy from above ^^ that is just plain NASTY! The woman is a walking bouncy castly! Have you seen her botox face?
She is so over and done with!
Why can she not just resort to rehab, and never come out again! Urggg... This woman is just fowl.


who's paula abdul?

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