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Move over, Valerie Begue.

Your quasi crucification pictures are so yesterday's beauty queen news!

Say hello to Kumari Fulbright. The Arizona law student was crowned Miss Pima County in 2005 and Miss Desert Sun in 2006.

The pageant contestant also competed for Miss Arizona both those years - and was recently arrested for torturing and kidnapping her boyfriend.

Kumari Fulbright Picture
Kumari Fulbright was arrested for holding her boyfriend captive and threatening to murder him. In her defense, the dude did leave the toilet seat up quite often and insisted on watching SportsCenter instead of Gossip Girl.

Last month, Kumari Fulbright and three men reportedly robbed her 24-year-old boyfriend. But that wasn't nearly enough for them:

They kept the man captive for 10 hours at two different Arizona residences, with court documents stating that Kumari bit him several times, stuck a knife near his ear and threatened to kill him while pointing a gun in his direction.

Eventually, the victim grabbed for her gun, set it off and managed to escape during the fray. There's really nothing to add to this astounding news, except to say: your move, Tara Conner!

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One night of rekindling a high school, reality TV romance by making out in public evidentgly wasn't enough for Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti.

Lauren and Stephen made out at Las Vegas' LAX club on Sunday, December 30, the night after they were spotted flirting and kissing at Central in L.A.

Lauren Conrad: The Hills Star

Conrad (wearing a HOT strapless, knee-length silver dress with an oversized bow on the front) arrived at LAX with The Hills co-star / roommate Audrina Patridge and high school BFF / Laguna Beach co-star Lauren "Lo" Bosworth. 

Thirty minutes after she rolled in, Stephen Colletti â€" Lauren Conrad's ex from the olden days on Laguna Beach â€" showed up and immediately joined her table.

The duo were inseparable for the rest of their night out, touching one another and whispering. At one point, Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti got hot and heavy as she positioned herself between his legs - hot stuff! - as they kissed.

Colletti, who recently split with Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere, then kept a close eye on Conrad when she took pictures with fans or celebrities - especially when she was being photographed with the likes of Dave Navarro.

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Like the ejaculation periods of many men who watch Kim Kardashian nude in her sex tape, talk of this socialite and Reggie Bush getting engaged is premature.

"It's not true," Kim told Us Weekly of the rumors that heated up following this couple's intimate partying on New Year's Eve. "Not yet!"

At a Rally

It certainly sounds as though Kardashian and Bush might follow the recent, matrimonial lead of Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley, doesn't it?

But which couple will last longer: Kim and Reggie, or Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib?

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Don't worry, Zanessa lovers, the rumors of your favorite couple's demise appear to be exaggerated.

Lost in Zac's Eyes

Here are Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens sharing a laugh in the new year. They look quite content and in love, don't they?

Like Carla Bruni and Nikolas Sarkozy, Efron and Hudgens make an adorable couple.

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The skinny but still sort of sexy Kate Bosworth celebrated her 25th birthday on Sydney's sunny Harbor Beach in Australia on Wednesday. Which is today. Only in Australia, it's already tomorrow! How insane is that!

The birthday babe spent the day with her model boyfriend, James Rousseau, as well as with some female friends. Word has it that, in honor of the big 2-5, Kate resolved to eat at least that many times every month this year! Crazy!

James Rousseau and Kate Bosworth soak up the sun on her birthday.

While Kate isn't one of those actresses you hear too much about (being in some movies might change that), and James Rousseau doesn't seem to do a whole lot besides hang out with her, they seem to be going strong. Which is nice.

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When it's not making up complete lies about Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush being engaged or shelling out seven figures for stories and photos of a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, OK! Magazine occasionally snares a standard celebrity photo.

In this case, it's a cute picture of Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy fame and rock singer Josh Kelley, who tied the knot December 23 in Park City, Utah.

Katherine Heigl at New Year's Even Premiere

Newlyweds Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley: An awfully cute pair.

The two are honeymooning in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Josh is working on a new album, while Katherine Heigl stars in the film 27 Dresses, opening next week.

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The French aren't always like us.

These are people that love cheese, wine, whining (about the Iraq war and so much more), hating on everything and everyone that isn't French, and so forth.

No Promises

But at least we can find common ground with France in our love of celeb gossip. Rather than shunning him, the French are all about recently-divorced President Nicolas Sarkozy and his hot romance with new girlfriend, Carla Bruni!

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy are all smiles in Egypt.

While the reception Bill Clinton received when he cheated on his wife with Monica Lewinsky wasn't exactly warm, it hasn't kept him (or Hillary Rodham Clinton) from enjoying overwhelming popularity over the long haul, has it?

But back to France. Mixing business and pleasure in Egypt with Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni was seen strolling with one hand in the pocket of his jeans and the other on her hip. Hot! Word has it that the two will marry this year!

But whatever happens, Carla Bruni isn't ready to put down her guitar - despite her very public romance with the president. France's possible first lady of the future is set to work on a new album and embark on a tour in 2008.

Carla is halfway through recording a new album of French and Italian love songs based on her own poems," a source at Bruni's label, Naïve Records, reports. The Italian singer and model is planning an August release and concert tour.

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For those of you living under a rock and missing the Patriots-Giants game last week, quarterback Tom Brady led New England to a perfect 16-0 season, then enjoyed a celebratory dinner with his supermodel girlfriend. Standard fare.

But, more importantly, viewers were treated to a look back at Brady's 2000 tape from the 2000 NFL scouting combine! Awww. Look at that young, lost puppy!

Tom, Gisele and a Son

Tom Brady: Shirtless at the 2000 NFL scouting combine.

If the sixth-round pick out of Michigan was destined for greatness, Brady certainly didn't show it from the start, looking forlorn and downright pudgy in this shirtless photo. But three Super Bowl titles, numerous NFL records and one Gisele Bundchen later, there's not much else to criticize about the man.

Here's a bonus Tom Brady photo after the Patriots' historic win at New York on Saturday night. Looks just a little more confident, rugged and grown-up, no?

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So it's no surprise that Hollywood is now interested in turning Knut's life into an animated feature - starring one of his most famous visitors.

Last year, Katie Holmes visited Knut with daughter Suri Cruise, while Annie Leibovitz - who took Suri's first pictures - photographed Knut for Vanity Fair.

Tom and Family

According to German newspaper B.Z., producer Ash R. Shah and his production firm, The Animation Picture Company, have offered $5 million for the rights to Knut's life story. And he's already thought about a potential star.

"I am envisioning the heartwarming relationship between Knut and his caretaker, Thomas Doerflein, at the center of the movie," Shah said.

"Suri Cruise could speak the English voice of Knut."

A movie producer sees a fit with Suri Cruise and polar bear Knut, both adorable critters born in 2006. Suri will have to learn to talk before voicing Knut, of course.

The would-be producer went on to discuss Knut's appeal.

"With his friendly character, he's serves as an ambassador for the Earth's growing problems - climate change and the melting polar ice caps. A movie about Knut would affect people all over the world," Shah told the paper.

Heiner Klös, the curator at the Zoo Berlin, confirmed that the $5M request was received, but he didn't like that the press was already involved.

"We received the offer and we are giving it due consideration," he said. "When we have come to a decision, then we will handle the matter discreetly."

Suri Cruise had no immediate comment.

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