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It's been cold as frick in the Northeast this week, but that hasn't stopped Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (his top "receiver") from heating up Manhattan!

Making the most of his week off - after leading the Patriots to a perfect 16-0 mark in the regular season - by staying in New York with Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady escorted his lovely lady during a night on the town Wednesday...

Smoldering Gisele

 Despite knocking up ex Bridget Moynahan last year, Tom Brady shows that he knows something about protection as he shields his girlfriend from the media.

The icy weather meant no photos of Tom Brady shirtless on this night, but the stud QB still looked ruggedly handsome. How will New England fare in the AFC playoffs? Does Tom care so long as he scores ... with Gisele?


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Former American Idol runner-up and certified cutie Katharine McPhee flashes that trademark smile we know and love as she pumps gas in Los Angeles.

And Kat's car isn't the only thing getting pumped up - the singer herself has plenty to be psyched for, as McPhee and boyfriend Nick Cokas recently got engaged!

Lauren Alaina Photo

That's one happy former American Idol star at the gas station!

Even in photos like this, where she's wearing far, far too much clothing, our staff adores Katharine McPhee. She's definitely the cutest creature we've done a post on all week ... narrowly edging out Suri Cruise and celebrity polar bear Knut.

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Apparently unaware that there are celebrities without the last name Spears and who do not appear on The Hills, Us Weekly features the lovely Lauren Conrad on its cover (not that we're complaining) yet again this week!

In the cover story, Lauren Conrad, LeAnn Rimes and other celebrities share their diet and fitness secrets that can help make your shape great in 2008.

Her Latest Purchases

In a 23-page bonus section within the magazine, stars such as The Hills' leading lady, LC, American Idol's Kimberly Locke and Dancing with the Stars' Samantha Harris, reveal how they recently have dropped those stubborn pounds.

The Hills' Lauren Conrad works diligently to stay in shape, but she certainly doesn't have to try hand to make the cover of this fine celebrity news publication!

LeAnn Rimes has a protein-rich diet and works out with her dancer husband, while Lauren Conrad sticks to a daily 1,500-calorie diet of six mini-meals and twice-weekly weight lifting and treadmill sessions.

Here's hoping those weightlifting sessions pay off for LC when she gets into a fist fight with Spencer Pratt on this spring's bonus episodes of The Hills!

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Wearing a black wig and dark sunglasses, Britney Spears ducked into a hotel in Palm Springs with celebrity news photographer Adnan Ghalib around 2 a.m. on January 2 - and then checked out promptly around 7 a.m.

Spears and Ghalib went to one of the $1,200-a-night-plus villas, with two other men - apparently her security guards - following right behind them.

Of course, this isn't the first time Spears has spent time in a hotel with Adnan Ghalib. They also spent New Year's together, and the day before Christmas.

While details vary, Spears certainly has some relationship with the photographer, who proclaimed to a tabloid in September, "I'll get her sooner or later."

Last week, Ghalib "comforted her" at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. Adnan said at the time that he and Britney Spears are merely platonic, that "we are just friends. She was just a little upset, pretty much about everything."

Seen with Britney Spears, Adnan Ghalib declined comment on his rendezvous.

The photographer, who works for the agency Finalpixx, did tell ABC's 20/20 that he's made up to $200,000 a year taking Britney Spears photos.

He has also called the singer "awesome." He must not own her CDs.

"I think she's a great person," Adnan Ghalib said. "It's unfortunate that she's the way she is, because of the people she surrounds herself with."

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After Lindsay Lohan's ex, Riley Giles, talked about seeing Lindsay Lohan naked and sold their lovemaking details and pics to the UK's News of the World, Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan, did what any concerned, protective mother would do.

She got on the phone and chewed out Riley Giles' mom.

Failing to Hide

"Dina Lohan insulted her parenting," says a source close to Giles, without noting the irony of that statement (just imagine Britney Spears calling you insane).

Dina Lohan has always been a great role model for Lindsay Lohan.

Riley Giles, 25, met Lindsay Lohan, 21, during her August rehab stint. Yes, Riley was there as well. The upstanding citizen has been arrested at least four times.

Riley and Lindsay broke up late last year, and an insider at the News of the World says the tabloid paid $120,000 for Giles' tales of riding that ass. Among other things, Riley said Lohan is a sex fiend with an addictive personality. Shocking.

Says a Dina pal: "Dina did call Riley's mom." Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, said and Lindsay spoke to Giles since the story hit, and "he apologizes."

Lindsay doesn't seem too upset, though, having moved on to a trio of Italian dudes, Alessandro Di Nunzio, Eduardo Costa and Dario Faiella.

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Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge slipped into fancy party dresses to ring in the New Year in San Diego, Calif. And what a night it was. LC was looking way too partied out by the end of the night... but had plenty of fun kissing some guy.

A guy not named Stephen Colletti!

Movin' Out

Check out the photo evidence from New Year's below. You can make out Lauren Conrad making out with some dude in the background - and it ain't Stephen!

Lauren Conrad smooches yet another mystery man earlier this week.

And so the roller coaster of love continues for Lauren Conrad. Brody Jenner and Jason Wahler, Gavin Beasley and Josh McRoberts... it's near impossible to track who's flirting and getting to first base with The Hills star. But fun to try!

We can only hope that The Hills cameras were rolling during all of Lauren's adventures with the boys â€" and that Whitney Port gets a little more air time!

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Vanessa Hudgens nude photos.

We've talked about them at length, but until now, the singer / actress herself has been relatively silent. As the pics hit the web, controversy swirled and many speculated that the High School Musical actress would be axed by Disney.

Fortunately, much like Zac Efron in bed (or so we've heard), reports of Vanessa Hudgens not returning for the next installment of High School Musical came too quickly. Vanessa talks about all this and more in Seventeen magazine...

Seventeen: How are you feeling about the nude pics, the whole scandal?

Vanessa Hudgens: I'm much better now. But truthfully I don't like talking about it. It was something that was meant to be private, and even though it isn't anymore, I'd still like to keep it as private as I can. It was very traumatic, and I am extremely upset it happened. I hope all my fans can learn from my mistake and make smart decisions. But I wouldn't have been able to get through it if it wasn't for my family, friends, and fans, who supported me all along the way.

The Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal shocked everyone - Hudgens included.

Seventeen: Who told you the naked photo had been leaked?

Vanessa Hudgens: I found out from my manager. We heard some story was going to break in the tabloids, and I was like, What?!? A few days later, the picture came out while I was on vacation in Australia. Thank God, I wasn't home... it would have sucked if I was at home. But when I came back, it got kind of crazy.

Seventeen: How did you explain the situation to your mom?

Vanessa Hudgens: I was just open with her, and she was just so cute. She was like, "Well, everyone can be naked if they want to!" My parents are very supportive. They know I'm a teenager, and yes, kids do stupid things sometimes.

Continue Reading...

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The lawyers representing Britney Spears in her custody battle are quitting.

The law firm Trope and Trope asked the court Wednesday to be formally relieved as Spears' attorneys. The firm cited a "breakdown" in communication with the troubled pop princess that makes representing her impossible.

Jason Trawick, Britney Spears Photo

Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline have been wrangling for months over custody of their sons, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James.

FedEx has temporary custody because Spears, who has limited visitation rights, has defied court orders. A lot. She's also a drunk, and a little bit unstable.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline married in October 2004, separated near the end of 2006 and finalized their divorce in July of 2007. They have two l'il mistakes.

On a separate legal front, an attorney for Spears wants the city attorney's office to prove that the star is a permanent California resident and thus subject to state laws that require her to have a valid California driver's license.

Spears faces up to a year's probation if convicted of driving without a valid license, a charge to which she has pleaded not guilty. The case stems from a videotaped fender bender in a parking lot in August. A hit-and-run charge was dismissed.

Spears' attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, requested Wednesday that prosecutors be required to demonstrate that Spears, who also owns homes in Louisiana and Florida, intends to make Los Angeles her permanent legal home.

Flanagan said Britney Spears had a valid Louisiana driver's license during the incident and got a California license six days after the complaint was filed.

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OK! Magazine, the now-infamous celebrity news and gossip source, could not possibly have purchased all the attention it enjoyed last month after it got the scoop that Jamie Lynn Spears is three months pregnant.

Or could it?

It is widely assumed within the publishing industry that OK! paid Jamie Lynn Spears' family for the exclusive rights to Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy news.

Us Weekly, another celebrity news magazine, cited sources who said that Jamie Lynn's mother, Lynne Spears, sold them the pregnancy story for $1 million, an assertion that enraged her ex-husband and Jamie Lynn's dad, Jamie Spears.

Checkbook journalism is no secret in the celebrity gossip world.

The gossip publications often pay for photos of weddings and babies, perhaps most famously in June 2006 when People won a fierce bidding war for the first photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.

Although People said that the widely reported $4.1 million price tag was not accurate, it did not offer an alternative figure; editors say that disclosing prices paid would work against efforts to keep the costs down.

  • A Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Destroyed By Lynne Spears

But purchasing news of a pregnancy is as unusual as it is controversial. After OK! broke the story of a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, rival celebrity news tabloid Us Weekly boasted in its subsequent issue that OK! paid Lynne Spears $1M for it.

The two-year-old American edition of OK! Magazine, like its 14-year-old British counterpart, acknowledges paying for "relationships" with celebrities, but Sarah Ivens, the U.S. edition's editor, declined to discuss specific deals or figures.

"If there's something out there, there will be a bidding war," Ivens told The New York Times. "We're not bidding against ourselves."

When asked why she was less hesitant than some competitors to acknowledge purchase of celebrity photos, Ivens said: "I'm not very good at lying."

The interview with Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, drew copious attention to OK!, which sells far fewer copies than competitors like People, and provoked speculation about a relationship between OK! and Lynn Spears - a relationship strained by a disastrous photo shoot with Jamie Lynn's sister, Britney Spears, months ago.

Continue reading this New York Times' report on paying for celebrity news ...

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It's been a long time since we had a DJ AM sighting at The Hollywood Gossip and we'd just like to take a moment to welcome Nicole Richie's ex-fiance back.

The circumstances of his return? A shockingly revealing interview in February's issue of Glamour magazine, where DJ AM says that his father's verbal abuse was so bad it led to his drug addiction and almost taking his own life.

"I grew up in Philadelphia with a father who seemed to hate me: The verbal abuse he subjected me to was unbelievably cruel," DJ AM (a.k.a. Adam Goldstein) says. "If my family went out to dinner, my father would hit on the [male] waiter right in front of my mom... Finally she'd had enough and kicked him out."

But DJ AM says he blamed himself for the abuse. "To deal with all of my anger and sadness, I ate," he says. "By the time I was 10, I was obese."

DJ AM soon started taking drugs daily, for about two years, and eventually went to his mom and actually asked her to send him away to rehab.

But the treatment center â€" which specialized in "tough love," DJ AM recalls â€" "was an abusive house of horrors that would eventually be shut down. The counselors beat us. They spit in our faces. They starved us," he said.

"When I left rehab, I'd learned absolutely nothing about recovery ... I attended a few meetings, but within five months I was back doing drugs. Then my father died. Eventually, my mom kicked me out of her house as well."

Goldstein says his "main income was stealing cash and drugs from dealers. By 20, he began "freebasing cocaine" around the same time he began deejaying. "I would take my money, then race downtown and buy crack," he tells the magazine.

Overweight and hooked on drugs at 24, DJ AM felt his life was over.

"I went into my living room, reached into a cabinet above my TV and grabbed my gun, a loaded .22. I sat back, cocked it and put it into my mouth. I squinted my eyes and said, 'F--k this!' I pulled the trigger. But the gun didn't go off."

Follow the link to continue reading DJ AM's disturbing stories ...

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