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She can always turn to Britney Spears to feel sane by comparison, but Evi Quaid, who is married to Randy Quaid, is pretty frickin' crazy!

According to TMZ, Evi Quaid caused a scene (we mean she went crazy) recently at the offices of the Actor's Equity Association, which had some sort of problem with Randy Quaid - 23 members filed charges against the actor in connection with the rehearsal and production of "Lone Star Love" in Seattle.

Well, here's where it gets good. And by good we mean bad.

  • Evi Quaid Mugshot
  • Randy Quaid Mugshot

Evi Quaid, the wife of Randy Quaid, is pretty... insane.

Evi and Randy Quaid apparently burst into the offices last week, where Evi Quaid started screaming at the (76-year-old) receptionist. She also kicked her repeatedly in the shins with her high-heeled boots - drawing blood.

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For the second time this month, police involuntary committed Britney Spears early Thursday morning, hours after celebrity news media outlets reported that her psychiatrist determined she was a danger to herself and others.

At approximately 1 a.m., dozens of LAPD officers along with an ambulance arrived at Spears' home in the Summit Circle community of Beverly Hills.

Brit Brit Spears

Less than 20 minutes later, she was transported to UCLA Medical Center. Britney is being placed on an emergency psychiatric hold, known as a 5150.

Britney Spears, as you recall, had been involuntarily committed January 3 after a mental breakdown at her home and a subsequent three-hour police standoff.

The ambulance was seen pulling out of the side entrance of Britney Spears' gated Summit community at 1:20 a.m. Her mother, Lynne Spears, was seen riding in an SUV as part of the police escort caravan leaving the area.

Her father, Jamie Spears, and her brother, Bryan Spears, arrived at the hospital just minutes after Britney was brought in. Her manager / friend, Sam Lutfi, and possible cousin, Alli Sims, also were seen entering the building.

Much more to come as the story developing ...

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Remember when we told celebrity gossip followers that Paris Hilton was pretending to be a lesbian? Well, the talentless socialite is out to prove us correct.

The latest example of her gay shenanigans involve actress Elisha Cuthbert. According to Us Weekly, the two blondes were "all over each other and making out" at New York's Tenjune club Tuesday night.

Sad Paris

"Who knew?" said the source of the unlikely pairing, one who was obviously oblivious to our recent entertainment news reports.

Hilton and Cuthbert didn't arrive at Tenjune together. Hilton was there for a birthday party and was seen dancing on banquets. Earlier in the evening, Paris attended the BlackBerry Pink Pearl Launch Party.

"She was actually super well behaved and even took the time to take some photos with the BlackBerry executives," a witness told the magazine.

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Ryan Shawhughes has caught the pregnancy bug.

Yes, the same Ryan Shawhughes who was a nanny for Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and is now dating the latter.

A tad shady? Perhaps.

A tad exciting? For the couple, certainly!

Ryan Shawhughes and Ethan Hawke

There aren't many pictures of Ryan Shawhughes and Ethan Hawke. We'll have to make do with this candid one. Hope that's okay.

"They are over the moon!" a friend told In Touch about the pregnancy.

Hawke and Thurman divorced in 2003 after five years of marriage and two children.

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You'd think Snoop Dogg and soap operas would go together like Britney Spears and a pair of pants.

Simon Cowell and sensitivity to the feelings of others.

Kim Kardashian and a training bra.

We could go on and on: Casey Aldridge and condoms! Jessica Simpson and an aversion to the spotlight! Zac Efron and a bad hair day!

But, hilarious quips aside, the point remains: Snoop Dogg doesn't appear to be the demographic targeted by daytime dramas such as One Life to Live. Nevertheless, the rapper is rumored to be recording a song for the soap.

This news actually isn't so shocking. Mary J. Blige and Timbaland have each appeared on the soap opera in the past. Moreover, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would fit in well on All My Children.

Get it?!?

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck hates abortions. And big government. And poor people.

But the conservative co-host of The View has love for at least one thing: boy band New Kids on the Block.

Tim Hasselbeck, Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Check out her recent reaction to the news that this group is reuniting:


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This may be akin to stating that Britney Spears is an unfit mother, but:

Kim Kardashian has massive breasts!

Kim Kardashian in Paris

That's been the case for awhile, but don't they look bigger than usual in this photo? Might Kim be pregnant, like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and so many other beautiful celebrities right now?

We aren't sure. But we do know this much: New Orleans Saints fans must be worried for Bush. Those knockers could cause serious injury.

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Britney Spears' "manager," Sam Lutfi, sent a series of angry text messages to her boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, warning the celebrity news photographer he was "killing her" and setting off Sunday night's massive blowup.

The spat erupted after a hysterical Britney Spears was pictured sitting barefoot outside her L.A. home, sobbing on the pavement.

Typical Britney Spears Pic

Adnan Ghalib received text messages from Sam Lufti which read:

  • "You're a manic trigger. If you continue to have any contact with her, you'll kill her."
  • "It's your decision. You need to cease all contact with her completely."
  • "I've tried to work with you helping her but you didn't do as asked only way to help now is disappear. She's never been this way before."

The drama came when Britney reportedly fought with Lutfi over her tryst with Adnan Ghalib, prompting the singer to call Ghalib for help.

Ghalib arrived, but was denied entry to the premises as uber-shady Osama Lutfi warned security not to let him in - and turned Britney's many mobile phones off to ensure he could not reach her, according to the Daily Mail.

The feud between Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi has been raging for weeks.

"They hate each other," says a source, adding that: "Sam doesn't think Adnan is good enough for Britney and Adnan hates the control Sam somehow has on her. Britney is just caught in the middle."

Sam Lutfi reportedly initiated the argument over Adnan Ghalib, warning Britney Spears that her photographer boyfriend is a bad influence.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle brown.

Britney later left with another paparazzo (we think Filipi Teixeira) before meeting up with Ghalib as her father, Jamie Spears, and police arrived.

Many media observers believe that the pair's differences also center on which celebrity photo agency Britney chooses to align herself with.

Ghalib works for Finalpixx. Lutfi is rumored to have a deal in place with X17 in which they take Britney Spears photos and he gets a cut.

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That family intervention needs to happen real quick.

In full-out British mode Monday night, Britney Spears asked a celebrity news photographer where his "f**k buddy" was and told him "gay videos are in."

So is gay bashing, evidently. Check out the video of this.

British Britney Spears: Friendly, but not politically correct.

Then, late last night, Spears gave another celebrity photo guy the death stare (from behind sunglasses) after he dared try to open the car door for her.

Wearing her trademark pink wig, Spears was seen at Rite-Aid at 5 a.m. When asked about her new car - the one Sam Lutfi allegedly made her buy, then got pissed when it was reported - she said, "Oh, it's a rental."

A rental, she says. Too bad we can't rent out the space in Britney Spears' head. It's clear that there's not a whole lot going on up there these days.

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