Nichole Grimes: Adnan Ghalib is "Mad and Sex-Mad"

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Less than a week ago, she was in a hospital for a mental meltdown.

Now she's in Baja with her married, celebrity photographer boy toy.

Britney Spears, Pink Bikini

So it goes for Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib.

Britney's bizarre antics of the past two weeks - even more absurd than usual - have people wondering just who the hell this Adnan character is.

Well, the 35-year-old, married celebrity gossip photographer is clearly up to something. Reports say he is trying to sell nude Britney Spears pics, only no one's biting. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

Then, there was an elaborate ruse that had us thinking Britney and Adnan flew to New York on a private jet, when they instead turned up in Mexico.

Now a supposed former lover of Adnan Ghalib, Nichole Grimes, is warning the troubled Spears that Adnan is a "ladies' man" and isn't to be trusted.

Adnan Ghalib: Britney's Ex-Lover

Adnan Ghalib is a wild man, says Nichole Grimes. Can Britney even keep up?

Nichole Grimes the Britain's Daily Star:

"Britney Spears should watch out - he's wild. To say he was a ladies' man was an understatement. He couldn't get enough. He's mad and sex-mad. When we met I thought he was this lovely Asian boy from a strict family. I was head-over-heels in love. Then I discovered he'd been secretly hitting on my friend behind my back. Some people may wonder what this guy from a strict Muslim family is doing with a party animal like Britney. But I reckon he's wilder than her."

There you have it. Adnan Ghalib: Ladies man. Player. Sex god.


either He is muslim or christian nor what kind of idealism he has, nobody can judge him and point him with your own finger judge your self if you are a true and if you really
follow the law of God and apply it into your life. Our human
instinc is always to judge others to cover up our own mess
look to the mirror my friend is it you or somebody else. we will see one day in our final resort maybe in hell or in heaven be prepared


i hope he isnt a muslim, hes insulting islam, there are so many people who call themselves muslims but arent, i really hope he isnt a muslim


Muslims shouldnt wear crosses but they do, yes, and some muslim celebrities even do it on TV. And banging britney spears or commiting adultery doesnt make you un-muslim muslims have got the right to sin, God will forgive hopefully. And finally, who cares?


i think he not remai as a muslim now.
he crosses the limits of islap and married to a lady who is not less than a prostitute. it would not be a long stay. they will get divore quickly


well at the end of the day yh da guy nws wat hes doing he aint stupidd get me jus fuk um both duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


at the end of da day the guy nws wat eh si doing get me jus fuk um botheee


Does it really matter, whether he is muslim or not, he is certainly not promoting ISLAM, so get over with this silly discussion of whether he's muslim or christian... And so wot if he is one of these two, are you proving a point?


he has a muslim name but he is wearing a cross which as a muslim my self we are forbid to wear one. so i think he born muslim but might convert as a christian. because muslim can't wear cross either it just a pendant or earring or anything.


I think he is not muslim or maybe he was because he wears a cross. Never a muslim would wear a cross even for being fashionable, because that is the main symbol of christianity.
He probably comes from Middle East, but that doesn't mean that he is muslim, many jewishs and christen come from there.


u fukkin prick ofcourse muslims believe in christ but they just dnt believe hes the son of god...coz hes not....adam never had a mother or a father why isnt h the son of god.

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