New Couple Alert: Matt Leinart & Kristin Cavallari?

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Who cares if Tony Romo and Tom Brady actually excel on the football field? Matt Leinart is intent on following in their celebrity gossip footsteps!

The former USC star was in Vegas partying over the weekend with old flame Kristin Cavallari, who was celebrating her 21st birthday.

Kristin on The Hills

Laguna Beach fans may recall that Kristin Cavallari and Matt Leinart dated during the second season, when he was at USC and she was... in high school.

And if you're keeping score at home, Matt Leinart's Hollywood resume, both real and topics of celebrity gossip, includes the likes of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Brynn Cameron.

Brynn Cameron is really cute, but they've already broken up and had a kid, so she's probably out of the picture for Matt. Kristin Cavallari would therefore be his best conquest of the ladies above, for two reasons:

  1. She is actually hot.
  2. She is not insane.

Sorry Britney. Anyway, if Leinart really did score with Kristin Cavallari, he'd be giving Romo and Brady a run for their money. Minus the NFL wins.


He is so not good looking........Yuck. The only reaosn she dated him in the first place is because he plays football. She so desperately wants to get in the Hollywood scene. ♥ I am so glad Lauren is successful in Hollywood and Not Kristin. Lauren was always the better person, Kristin was just a bitch with NO TALENT OR GOALS. I bet now Kristin would be kissing Laurens ass to be friends with her.♥


It was season 2 when she broke up with Stephen(when he was at college). Anyway, I think Kristin is cute, but perhaps you're giving her a little too much credit. Are you really comparing her to the highest paid supermodel?! Personally, I think Brynn is cuter. If he's going to hit up an ex, it should be her!


It was season 2, Kristin was a senior

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