N.C. Lawyer in Hot Water Over Heidi Montag Topless Pic

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Who knew The Hills' Heidi Montag could be in the middle of a media circus that did not involve Spencer Pratt in any capacity?

During court proceedings in Rowan County, N.C., Judge Kevin Eddinger caught lawyer Todd Paris checking out the new issue of Maxim magazine.

The one with Heidi Montag topless on its cover.

The judge was so steamed, he threw the book at the attorney. So to speak. Too bad he couldn't throw the physical Heidi Montag Maxim copy at him.

According to the Salisbury Post, Kevin Eddinger fined Todd Paris $300, gave him a 15-day suspended jail sentence that remains in effect for a year and placed him on probation. Spencer would be rolling in his grave if he could hear this!

A witness says Kevin Eddinger (pictured) observed Todd Paris for several minutes. Then he called Paris to come to the bench and bring the magazine.

Todd Paris asked to go outside and discard the magazine. Kevin Eddinger refused to let him leave and demanded the magazine.

Paris told the judge that the publication does not include pornography or Heidi Montag nude. Just topless and pretty covered up at that! Harmless!

When he added that he had the cover folded over so no one could see it, Eddinger responded, "No, you didn't. I could see it from up here."

Paris then told the judge that an assistant district attorney had brought it to his attention. Eddinger took the magazine and showed the cover featuring a half-naked Heidi Montag to the courtroom. The crowd erupted in laughter.

Think this lawyer will be tuning in to The Hills this spring?


Perfect work!


Little late on this news.Great job and thanks for being a good roll model for the young and old. My hat is off to you Mr.Judge Eddinger


Good job,No receptors of person.Great roll model.This is part of what is going on in this world.People think their to high God cant even touch them let lone a Judge.Not picking on Todd we are all the same but different in our own way.This is one of the glory's of life.Thanks for making a different Mr.Judge


Todd is not a good guy. He is a unorganized loose cannon that thinks hes above the law. in other words hes an idiot.


"Spencer would be rolling over in his grave"? Did the miserable prick actually die, or was that wishful thinking?


Todd Paris is a personal friend and i am also his intern... this is blown way out of proportion. Todd is a great guy and never meant to do any harm...


Good for him! He is doing his job right....court rooms are full of sex offenders and deviants....simple as that...


The judge did the right thing...why does a lawyer need to be looking at this in court anyway? What has happened to respect in the legal court rooms? Big pat on the back for the judge doing his job!!


oh and bye the way I want two acres of land so anyone would like to donate. I would love to accept. Thank you hahhha


I just wanted you to know that Bittany Spears needs to be left alone. And that all of celebrites have worked very hard to work to where they are. And that I think that all though that you program is great. That maybe, we should realize that all persons feel the same, and we all have feelings.


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