Miley Cyrus Upset By Prescilla Ceballos, Ticket Scandal

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Some people hatch plans to fly planes into your concerts.

Others make up blatant, tasteless lies in order to win tickets.

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Such is the increasingly hectic life of Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana. But the singer is trying to roll with it as best she can.

In response to a recent scandal, Miley is speaking out about the 6-year-old Texas girl who won Hannah Montana concert tickets last month after her mother concocted a story about her father dying in Iraq.

Suffice it to say, the girl's mom, Prescilla Ceballos, was outed and the lie exposed. Ceballos apologized, but the damage was done.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Miley Cyrus, 15, termed the situation "upsetting." Once Prescilla Ceballos' lie was exposed, contest sponsors took the tickets and other prizes away from the winner.

"I was really kind of upset. I mean, that's just not a cool scenario," says Cyrus. "But it just shows what people will do for a ticket."

Cyrus also says she is aware of just how desperate fans are for tickets to her concerts, even if it means burning holes in parents' wallets.

"People are paying thousands and thousands of dollars to come see one show. So we have to give 120 percent each time," she says.

Why not 125? Step it up, Miley.

Cyrus had no additional comment on her rumor breakup with Nick Jonas, or the racy photo scandal that shook the celebrity news world last month.


Miley is NOT pregnant and doesn't drink!She was probley tired or almost falling off the curb in her high heels. So i would not believe this load of crap!


bahah the writer for this column deserves a pat on the bck! "Why not 125? Step it up, Miley." ha i almost peed my pants! kudos


Miley Cyrus is my hero,
she is a role model for everyone especially the 'celebs' that have become big headed from all of the fame such as Paris, lidsay, and britney. i believe that Miley will remain true to herself and her fans despite the few that go too far, scamming people like that will get you nowhere if you really want to see a hannah montannah concert play fair, dont lie, remember every one else deserves concert tickets just as much as you do and whilst some people may lie to get in they are taking the place of some honest person who might even want it more than those who lied to get the ticket so be true to yourself and others and accept the cards you are dealt with a smile :] role models like miley are great to have in this world.


I love Miley Cyrus She is my Ideal and I am her fan.
This is crazy though She is just 15 and she is trying to live a normal life as well back off


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