Miley Cyrus: The Next Racy Picture

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As if recent Miley Cyrus photos of the star in her underwear and - gasp! - standing next to another girl were not lewd enough...

On the heels of a few racy pictures leaked from her MySpace account, you'd think the portrayer of Hannah Montana would keep things as innocent as possible. Maybe stay away from straddling things, for example.

Miley Picture

But the young singer apparently could not resist the temptation to mount a dolphin at the Mirage Hotel's Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat in Las Vegas yesterday. We can guess what the aquatic mammal is thinking:

Eat your heart out, Nick Jonas!


omgsh. thats so slutty.


ok, this is stupid, i mean how is this even racy? She's just playing with a dolphin, god! I mean millions of people all over the world play with dolphins people aren't saying that they are racy or anything, so why should miley have to deal with this?


Did anyone notice the area inside Miley's vest? It is the ocean! This picture is obviously fake... and HELLO! this is not RACY! she is riding on a dolphins back in the ocean! Thousands of families do it every day...


Usually I agree with you, or at least get some humor out of your posts, but this has really gone too far. How ON EARTH is this picture racy? Frankly, I'm surprised that there are any celebrities out there that can act normally if they're constantly treated the way you're treating Cyrus. Give her a break. If there really were racy pictures, fine. But don't try to turn people's thoughts around just so that you can prove an unjustified point. You'll only make your readers angry. And honestly? This post only makes me respect Cyrus more for what she has to put up with from the paparazzi.


how do u get racy from this picture? she is riding a freakin a freakin WET SUIT...not her underwear...just get a life and stop making other people feel dirty.
it is just annoying that you think that THIS is racy.


WTF is this?? There's nothing "racey" about this picture. You just have a sick mind, that can turn any phrase, picture, or thought into something sexual. Get a fking life, you hobo.


r u ppl kidding me!....give the girl a frigin break...i totally agree with "Lindsey" on this one....u ppl wonder y Britney and Lindsey r so messed up...cause stupid crap u ppl write....anything u ppl find u find a way to make look like they r sooooo bad...shes 14!!!!..leave her alone!! u ppl never took stupid pictures with ur friends...shes being a normal KID!!!


Tons of people do that exact same thing. Did anyone ever consider the fact that you can go to places like Hawaii or Mexico and pay to ride a dolphin? She's doing what you're supposed to do. You get to ride the dolphin, and kiss it, and hang out in a pool with a few dolphins swimming around you. It's fun. NOT bad or anything. Get a grip you idiots


this is retarted the pictuer doesent show that shes with her family and shes not in underwear shes in a flippin wet suit


ahaha thats soo cutee....miley si the best i shud call her now...and tell her the newss hey have for her....(L)
o my gudness.this is WACK!


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