Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas: Just Friends

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Miley Cyrus had no comment on her latest round of possibly racy pictures during a recent interview with USA Today. But the popular singer did talk about her relationship with Nick Jonas.

Are these teen superstars dating?

Cyrus didn't elaborate much, simply replying: "We're just really good buds."

Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has been slightly more forthcoming. When People magazine first reported on the potential couple in July, he explained: "What kids do these days is that they have group dates. She really hasn't had a date date."

According to Miley Cyrus, she is not dating Nick Jonas. But might Hannah Montana be hooking up with the young pop star?


okay. I'm supposedly Miley's cousin's stepcousin. Miley still has feelings for Nick.
Nick is just remaining friends with her.
They NEVER had sex.
THE END :) Demytria, 13. Burbank, CA.


hi nick i'm hannifah i think that u are so hot and handsome i love u so much


are you joking. the are so the cutest couple EVER!!!! they should be more than just friends. they shouldent have slit. miley and nick so belong together. i cant belive they broke up. i dont think nick should now date selena gomez.


they love each other but i dont think thats may to be a good couple


first of all i didnt have sex with nick ew.. and look at my pictures i have a ring on too and i dont look pregant...


They make the best couple ever. they should be more than friends. I just wish they never brook up.


sory fans but yes i did have sex with him


They're not together.


Miley said she didn't wnt to date Nick and Nick wanted to date Miley.


looked up if Miley really was pregnet and in some pictures she was pregnet so I don't thnk Nick had sex with Miley...
he wears a purity ring.

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