Michael Lee Johns: The Rising

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Before he became a popular American Idol contestant this season, Michael Lee Johns was the lead singer of The Rising. Here's a music video from that band for a song titled "Cradle."


Season 10 Final 4

Michael Lee Johns is also known simply as Michael Johns. It's confusing, we know. Fellow contestant Carly Smithson also used to be known as Carly Hennessy.

Got all that? There will be a quiz later.

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mike rocks,the best american idol contistant after chriss d.he will rise up better than the rest.


WHOA!! Pretty darn sexy Michael Johns!


all i know is that he has a great voice, good personality, handsome and talented.. I love you michael!!


I am older than all of you and I love Michael Johns because he has that classic rock quality. The first song I saw him do, "Fire" by the Doors--he definetely channeled Jim Morison. Sweet & sexy, with that VOICE, I hope he goes far. He was in a class all his own on AI


I didn't realize that the '08 AI contestants have had their names out there in the biz already, but so what. I've never heard of any of them before the show, so to me and hopefully most people, they are still undiscovered. I did wonder, and now know, why this year's contestants are so much better than the ones in the past. My opinion, the better the singers, the better the show.


I had an epiphany today while watching AI and I knew I had seen Michael before...He came to ASU a few years ago to perform while he was in the band, The Rising. I wrote an article about him for the State Press and he was just as adorable then as he is now!!! I am so excited to see him surface again! He's amazing. Love his voice!!! p.s. he should sing "Cradle" on AI!


i think michael johns has it all i love to hear him sing!! and i love what he does on stage he has all his own little moves! you are one of the worlds greatist singers,believe it michael. we love you!!!!


I totally agree with "Paula" there are so many people from this season that have been in small bands that havent made it big. They want to be on American Idol so they CAN make it big. I still love michael, hes a great singer and all this crap spreading around about the contestants is pissing me off.


Dear Michael,
You have what it takes to be a big star. Enjoy making your music and stay grounded. You have a big fan base already. Rock on! I will keep voting for you. I will be one of the first to buy your cd,
Jamie Lloyd


He is the best AI contestant since Chris Daughtry - go Michael! love his voice -he rocks!