Mary Jo Buttafuoco: Down with the Amy Fisher Sex Tape!

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A little bullet has made Mary Jo Buttafuoco a prude.

The ex-wife of Joey Buttafuoco - and victim of an Amy Fisher gun shot - is sick over the fact that Fisher is peddling a sex tape.

"She's no Jenna Jameson, she's just a porn star [out] to make money. She tried to kill somebody, and now you're making money off it," Mary Jo said, causing us to wonder if Jameson got into that business for the orgasms, as opposed to the dollars.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco won't be purchasing the Amy Fisher sex tape.

Mary Jo - who still has Amy's bullet lodged in her head the same way Amy has husband Lou Bellera's unit lodged inside her on video - said that as she watched Fisher on TV promoting the sex tape, "I was a little surprised at her flippant attitude."

It must have been like opening your front door to the sight of a loaded gun or something.

Meanwhile, the producers of the Fisher tape announced they were putting out a video starring Joey and his new wife next month. Seriously. How will Olivia Mojica ever keep up with this sex tape parade?

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Regardless of what joey did (cheating) amy should have serve more than what she serve she tried to kill mary jo and thats what she wanted to do. i am glad mary jo move on with her like she was to good for joey any way. Trying to leave a good life being a good wife and mother and some young girl come to your home and try to kill u because she want your husband is crazy she should of got more that what she got.also look at amy now she still doing nothing with her life.