Mark Vincent Kaplan Goes to Town on Sam Lutfi

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Britney Spears' right hand man, Sam Lutfi, was grilled hard by Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles.

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    If I only could get close to her Id too put her in her place and let her know she works for me. If feed her all the good drugs and get her to love my organ. Id be a fine manager for her as well. This Lufti guy is a role model of a pimp who got the best score ever.


    Just for the information of Lois, both Lutfi and Samir are especially Christian names in the Middle East region!! Many of the Jewish faith too will be given names not only such as Samir and Lutfi but Adnan as well. Sorry to disappoint you.


    What does religion have to do with this? I'm sure I can find a bunch of people from other religons that are just as shady, grow up!


    This individual that is helping drug and rape Britney Spears, along with Adnan Ghalib, is Samir Lutfi. He goes by "Sam" for short. However, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that "Lutfi" is a Muslim surname. And "Sam" is short for Samir, which is a very common Muslim name, as well.

    Just search the internet, you will find many "Samir Lutfi's" throughout the Islamic world. This isn't an issue of being prejudice. I am a supporter of Truth & Justice!

    Samir and Adnan are always with Britney because they know each other through their religion, and having attended the mosques together. Why do you think that - Adnan is the link to Samir Lutfi's association with Brintey?!?

    We must reveal this drug-pushing, freedom-abusing prick known as Sam, or Samir Lutfi!


    Maybe if her mother would have stayed in Britney's life she might have a clue, huh? My daughter may not want me there, but if she were Britney, I'd go no matter what and tell her I love her and wasnt back into her life. I feel for Britney.

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