Mariah Carey: That Nude Chick

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A photo of Mariah Carey nude graces the cover of this diva's latest CD, "That Chick."

How else do you expect the washed up star to sell any albums?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Photo


Perfect work!


I agree its not the best album cover ever, and I was slightly dissapointed when I saw it. But its not over sexy or slutty, lets hope the music is good.


I hope this album will be the best around the world..!!!


I feel sorry for her. She went down on 2001 and then in 2005 thanks to big publicity, a good image (just at the beg when promoting WBT) and a nice album, she went on top once again but now she goes to the same SEX SEX SEX image of glitter. What's the need to appear nude? and she's 38!!! please grow up MC! I am tired of her sltuty pictures though I love her music :S
And she's also like so mad on her roots, she's always talking about how you have to be yourself and all that, but then she's always tanning her skin, using dark make up and now appearing like on Mimi so dark... don't know what's wrong with her... is she ashame she's half white and looks 75% whiter than darker? Please MC go and put some clothes on
She looks as if she was on drugs and being f%ck%@! by a donkey at that photo session


Looks more like a single cover to me. Usually on her album covers her name is on the cover and the title is over in the binding of the jewel case. I've seen enough Mariah marketing to know that.


What the heck is she holding? She looks beat up and stupid posed naked with whatever in the dark. Too bad all that fame and actual talent isn't enough for her.


I Have To Say, I Do Get Fed Up With Seeing Mariah Carey Pushign Out Pictures Of Her With No Clothes On, As She Is So Talented She Doesn't Need To Be Doing That...
But This Picture Look Really Gorgeous.
Love It.


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