Mariah Carey Hates Jennifer Lopez

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Uber diva Mariah Carey was recently asked if she'd ever do a duet with Jennifer Lopez. Her response:

I'd rather be on stage with a pig. A duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just ain't going to happen."

Jennifer Lopez: Most Beautiful

While insulting to J. Lo, Mariah's stance does give hopes to pigs everywhere. We're pretty sure Spencer Pratt just picked up a microphone.


Mariah a true diva, j-lo is a ghetto ass homewrecking unstable ,selfish , self centered , bitch and she makes puerto rican women look bad. She doesnt take marriage vowes serious. J-lo does not do anything for anyone but make herself rich . Mariah is very talented and yeah she married the owner of sony records but c'mon everyone , that was a smart move...he loves his virgins. J-lo thinks marriage is a fucking joke. i hope you sink in your misery j=hoe


team mariah i don't like jlo


Mariah is such a wonderful singer, I used to love Jlo i thought she was hot! now she's just wierd, mariah has always satisfied me, except with charmbracelet, those songs were boring, but glitter was bad*ss, jlo hadnt had success since 2003, and in movies since 2005, mariah is still going good, even with movies like precious, MARIAH WINS


all the men you are married to before nick are old man (who are old enough to be your grandfather)and jenny marry people of her class but you older man or youngguys that are old even to be your younger brother you abusing jenny, did jenny go into surgery?NO YOU WHAT PEOPLE TO SEE YOU AS THE BEST BUT YOU ARE NOT YOU ARE A CHEAP SLUT SO IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOUR SELF JUST SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH UP.thank you


i dnt think MARIAH says that coz she is it not insecure with JLO, she is wonderful girl,a big star has 18 1's SINGLE that no other solo artist have like JLO..hahaha..she has a golden heart i blv and dont nid to insult anyone...LOVE U MARIAH..


mariah carey is just some skinny toothpick that needs to find a life of her own and she sings likes shes in a horror movie you just keep on worrying about yorself and your 2 angels love your biggest fan imani


Mariah is a lot bigger than JLo I just hope Mariah doesn't beat up JLo.


Who is this Mariah Carey? She looks like a pig. We don't know who she is in Europe! Jennifer Lopez is big in Europe. I've heard some of her songs and they sound really bad...always having hardcore rap in her tracks. At Least J.Lo can put out a track without having someone rap on it all the time. Mariah shut your pig snout up!


i love mariah ithink she is beautiful and some of u r stupid to believe everything u hear. and call mariah whatever u want but she brings in more money than u can dream. (plus i think j-lo is a home wrecker)


hi u r great mariah and i dont like jenn aither

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