Mariah Carey Hates Jennifer Lopez

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Uber diva Mariah Carey was recently asked if she'd ever do a duet with Jennifer Lopez. Her response:

I'd rather be on stage with a pig. A duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just ain't going to happen."

Jennifer Lopez: Most Beautiful

While insulting to J. Lo, Mariah's stance does give hopes to pigs everywhere. We're pretty sure Spencer Pratt just picked up a microphone.


mariah carey doesnt wast time with her cause its not her stile to get her hands dirty any way mariah carey is more beautiful than jennifer and mariah voice is more wonderful jennifer you dont have a chance


But Mariah Carey has never said anything bad about Jennifer Lopez It's the press making stuff up and getting ur gullible asses to believe it. Have u heard or seen Mariah say these things herself?


You know I can remember years ago, hearing some rude comment rumored to have come out of Mariah Carey's mouth at a Grammy show or something. She apparently said flat out that Jennifer had a big ass? I have heard so many good things about Mariah? But when you hear her talk about other artists the way she does, it makes you wonder? Personally, that kinda talk from someone just shows how green with envy they truly are. If Mariah had half of what Jennifer had, she wouldn't have to invest so much time in trying to make other people look bad. Jennifer, you radiate with so much beauty and sexuality, but best of all you are beautiful beyond the surface. Regardless of what Mariah, or her immature, and probably green fans say about you:)
I look forward to seeing all your future endeavors.


there is a point in time that i hated mariah !! she is plastic ! she insulted regine velasquez(a filipino artist, and known to be the Asia's Song Bird) .. if they perform duet, i don't think that mariah carey can hit that high note like regine..

@ ado

Mariah is full of envy--i dont like her for saying that Regine immitates could she immitate her when Regine was older than her & besides Regine sings like an angel..while all that Mariah can brag about is her whistle..she better just apply as traffic patroller there she could use all her whistle..


i love them both.. in different ways. i love mariah when it comes to ballad songs.. and i love j-lo when it comes to sing & dance.. mariah is the best singer, and j-lo is a total performer .. that's it !


I think Mariah is sooooooo annoying and weird. She loves attention and she is the MOST fake diva ever, she is just demanding and it's stupid how she keeps having 'breakdowns'
Jennifer Lopez is so sweet and kind, she has an amazing voice, great acting skills, amazing dance moves and the coolest personality. She is such a lady and is a role model of every girl/woman everywhere. Just because JLo can shake her booty doesn't mean u have to hate her.
It's ok to be a little divaish when you have worked as hard as Jennifer Lopez. It's not her fault that her marriages have failed, she is a great mum to Max and Emme.
Just remember Mariah, certain shades of limelight can ruin a girls completion!
JLo I love you, keep doing your thing :)
Mariah, go away and stop hurting people's ears with your annoying stupid voice!


@imani... mariah is not a toothpick she makes j lo look like a tooth pick i love them both and myabe you just a fat bitch that is jealous of her good looks beCAUSE no one wants to be with your fat ugly ass. leave her alone forget all you haters

@ marialena

People shut up. jlo cant sing for the life of her. she can dance and act that is it. she should not even be singing. Cant compare her to Mariah. there is no comparison dumbassses




FUCK Jennifer Lopez!!!! Dumb HOE!! OLD bitch lol


Mariah is such a responsible and humble lady, no one at any one time should try to compare her with J-lo

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