Lucas Grabeel Lands Major Movie Role

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Lucas Grabeel been cast in a major motion picture: he'll star alongside Sean Penn and James Franco in the Harvey Milk biopic, Milk.

The flick tells the tale of the slain San Franciso gay activist and politician.

Grabeel will portray Danny Nicoletta, a friend and supporter of Harvey Milk. Nicoletta worked at the camera store that Harvey owned, while also working on Harvey's political campaigns.

This marks yet another step up for a High School Musical star:

Zac Efron has signed on to star in a pair of big movies (Seventeen and Me and Orsen Welles), while Vanessa Hudgens will appear in Will.


i love lucas so much and i don't believe his gay...because his not....he actually have a gf


i love you so much lucas


well done lucas
i luv u sooooo much!!!!!!!! ;) :)


I'm glad to see this kid getting more non-Disney roles. I've always thought he was real hard talent in that group as much of his previous guest star work shows. Watching those Disney films you wouldn't think he would be able to pull off throwing people facefirst into trees and beating them almost to death with his bare hands, but he he does crazy well. :)


i wish him good luck


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