Lindsay Lohan Mauls Dario Faiella in Italy

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This is getting ridiculous.

We might as well call this post "Lindsay Lohan an Even Bigger Slut Than Thought" but we had to get the name of her latest conquest, Dario Faiella, in there.

Ronson and Lohan Call it a Night

LiLo has hooked up with at least three Italian dudes, as we reported Monday - Dario Faiella as well as Eduardo Costa and Alessandro Di Nunzio - but it looks like only one of them made it past first base. Heck, Faiella looks ready to tap that booty in these pics! We can only imagine what happened later in her hotel room...

Easy, Faiella! In Italy, Lindsay Lohan goes to town on Dario Faiella.

Lindsay Lohan and Dario Faiella were spotted sucking face following some awards ceremony in Capri where she received some trophy for something. Who cares. The next morning they were photographed together on her hotel balcony.

Just look at these photos! Lohan is like that alien chick from Species, intent on fornicating and breeding at any cost. What a terrible movie. But no matter. Our point: Lindsay is getting pregnant this year. You heard it here first.


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I know Dario since he was 14..I knew he would would grow up to be a man but a manwhore..especially after being with the biggest SNANK in Hollywood...DARIO IS TAINTED FOREVER !!! My Dario is tainted!!!


Poor, poor little SKANK. I have no pity for this selfish attention whore. She's beyond Pathetic! Sick, sick little bitch.


What a hore


She is so disgusting, I Seriously am not seeing what is so appealing about this piece of trash. Her pasty skin? Her fried hair? her raspy voice? .............Yah I really dont see it. She needs to go away Forever, that would be nice ♥


she is getting worse and worse everyday... well that's life! people are used to change...


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