Lo and Behold: Lauren Bosworth Moving in with LC!

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Lauren Conrad is going to have a new roommate, and it's very a familiar face for fans of Laguna Beach and The Hills.

No, Heidi Montag has not come crawling back. Lauren Bosworth ("Lo" to real fans) is reuniting with her high school BFF!

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The Hills' co-star and Lauren's current roommate, Audrina Patridge, recently said in an interview that Lauren "Lo" Bosworth will be moving in with the two of them when they settle into Lauren's new house.

"New year, new house, new jobs, new boys, new everything," Audrina Patridge told Us Weekly about the new episodes of The Hills. "It's gonna be fun!"

Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth have always been close friends. Now LC and Lo will be roommates, according to fellow roomie Audrina Patridge!

Here's some background on Lo, from what we know (as avid Laguna Beach / Hills watchers) and from what our low-paid, hard-working interns dug up ...

  • Lo has one brother and one sister.
  • During the first season of Laguna Beach, Lo was a senior.
  • She made periodic appearances on The Hills in its third season.
  • In high school, she had more strict parents and was relatively more conservative than some of her fellow cast members.
  • She attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. However, Lauren transferred to UCLA for her junior year. She is, or was, majoring in communications and art history.
  • Lauren Bosworth has stated that she does not have any online profile of any sort and that any baring her name are all fake.
  • [Which, come to think of it, means the girl we added as a friend three weeks ago and have been corresponding with is totally full of $--t!]

LO is ot jelous and she is quite a pretty girl its u that is BUTT UGLY Biatch!




I am Basman . beso1990@live.com


I don't think Lo is jealous, afterall she has been LC's loyal long time galpal from High school. No matter how many new friends you make along the way, having a high school friend is different. She met Audrina & Heidi along the way. Lo is from Laguna, they sorta grew up together. I'm on Lo's team. So she rolls her eyes, big deal. I think Audrina is shallow and empty, now she thinks she's a movie star. Justin bobby is a dork & if Audrina was that good of a friend, she would be friend Lo, instead of finding ways around their friendship. Plus you'v seen her talking to JB about how she likes privacy, so she put herself out in that guest house. Get over it people. I like Lo..Lo is smart & cool. Audrina, is dumb and boring..All she does is party and a groupie..Whatever..Get real Audrina


Lo is SOOOO jealous of Audrina. Audrina has a natural beauty and Lo well she looks like a rat. Not attractive at all. I am really surprise that Lauren would have such a butt ugly friend..lol


I agree with Kris. Lo is jealous of Audrina. When you look back on the episodes Lo rolls her eyes whenever Audrina invites them to things or whenever Audrina brings up Justine Bobby. Lauren should watch out, Lo kind of reminds me of Hieidi.


Lo is not jealous of Audrina, she just really <3's lc and doesn't want to let anyone get between them. i think lo is trying her best to b friends with audrina. its totally cool that lo moved in wit lc. the hills will b so fun 2 watch w/ her!!!!


I think Lo is extremely jealous of Audrina and is trying to push her out of the picture by being such a mean, cold hearted person.

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