Kristy Lee Cook: The American Idol Controversy

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The new season of American Idol is less than 24 hours old. So how can there already be controversy over the results?

Here's why: the singer considered to be most impressive last night, Kristy Lee Cook, was under contract with record company Arista Nashville in 2001, and even inked a deal as the debut artist in Britney Spears' (now defunct) production company.

This raises an interesting question, in regard to American Idol: Is the show reserved solely for amateurs, those whose singing background extends no further than the local karaoke bar?

Or is it acceptable for Cook and others with a professional history to try out?

At the age of 17, Kristy Lee Cook signed a recording contract. Should this disqualify her from American Idol?

In a bit of an American Idol spoiler, this debate may heat up when Carly Hennessy moves on to Hollywood.

The Irish singer - who producer Nigel Lythgow has gone on record as picking to win this season - was given a $2.2 million marketing and production budget from MCA Records in 2005. But her album went on to sell a total of 378 copies.

Last year, Melinda Doolittle was an example of someone with a professional resume, as a backup singer, who made it all the way to the final three. She eventually lost, of course, to a pair unknowns: Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks.


Cook is a skank.


i dont think that ppl who hav made it that far should b able 2 go on 2 american idol.. yes, it would help their career if they got dropped... but it is not fair 2 the ones that r turned down, who r good singers, who hav never had a chance 2 record.. so ya.. i think they should disqualify anyone who has signed a recording contract and sold more than 1 cd...


I just love looking at her. I wouldnt care if she sung like a longshoreman. She is gorgeous.


Why don't you all stop whining and just sit back and enjoy the music. She has a beautiful voice and we are all better off when she shares it with us.


actually you all are all fooled. they are calling Jordin sparks and unknown. that is a lie also. Jordin has been on America's most talented kids. Her parents took her out of school to pursue singing. only thing they ever said was she was a plus size model. she went on tour with a grammy platinum artist twice micheal w smith. he is a christian singer ..and big singer. she has sang national anthems at nba, nfl and mlb games. believe me producers of the show calls peoples managers and gives them an automatic audition and puts them through. it's all about who u know and money.


Kristy gets my vote!


Melinda didn't have a professional recording contract or any ties to anyone affiliated with Fox, AFAIK. Friends and family of Fox producers and those who already had a recording contract shouldn't be allowed. Nigel and co are tired of supporting complete nobodies, and want to stack the deck in their favor by installing several plants into this season. If they're not plants, they're simply plant food in the producer's eyes. Several talented nobodies were sent home in favor of no talent hacks to serve as fodder for the Nigel Plants. Enjoy the weeding!


She shouldn't be allowed to compete. It should be for amateurs only, and other people were kicked out in earlier seasons for having past major label contracts.


I don't think it matters if there are contestants that have record contracts in the past. The show wants to look for the best singer regardless of experience. They are looking for someone to sell albums, for concerts and for TV ratings. They did this to prevent from what happened last year with Sanjaya. I would want to see people with talent get another shot. Just because they did not succeed the first time, doesn't mean they will fail in the future. Many artists had their first album flopped. I rather see someone with talent win than someone with average talent.


Where was Kristy at the end of the show last night (Feb 19th)? Two of the twelve girls were not there.

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