Kristy Lee Cook: American Idol Hopeful, Horse Seller

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Kristy Lee Cook is the (very, very, very) early favorite on season seven of American Idol.

While some critics have voiced their concern over her professional background, the following story makes it evident that Cook is far from an established, pampered star:

Season 10 Final 4

According to The Seattlest website, Kristy failed her first Idol audition in July in San Diego. From there, she wanted to give it another shot... but couldn't afford a ticket to Philadelphia.

Therefore, Cook reportedly sold her horse for $3,000. We can't say for sure if this story is true, but we can prove that Kristy Lee once owned a horse, or was at least pictured on top of one:

Kristy Lee Cook is seen here atop a horse. Did she really sell it in order to audition for American Idol?


as for your artical on kristy selling her horses i know for sure this is true i was one of the interested buyer that was offered to buy 2 of her good horses in 2007 and i do know were they raced before but backed out due to money issues and gotta tell you i loved one of those horses that had a good second chance at winning again


She's not lying, I know her personally. Kristy Lee has nothing to hide, she needed the money. I don't see how this is soo hard for people to believe. She does have more horses, but the one she sold was particularly special to her. I think the reason why there is soo much speculation about her is because everyone thinks she's too good to be true. Kristy lee is a great person and an amazing singer, why can't people just accept that?

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