Kirsten Haglund, Miss America, Once Battled Anorexia

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Just three years ago, newly crowned Miss America Kirsten Haglund was eating so little her concerned parents "dragged me to the doctor."

She was diagnosed with anorexia after the lack of nutrition caused Kirsten's collar bones to stick out, her heart rate to drop and her life to suffer.

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"I would feel fatigued walking up six stairs," the 19-year-old Haglund said Sunday, a day after being crowned Miss America 2008.

"I was a completely different person. It's not a pretty sight."

Kirsten Haglund plans to spend her yearlong reign trying to raise awareness of eating disorders, promoting the pageant and helping the Children's Miracle Network, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

To clinch the crown, the Farmington Hills, Mich., native sang "Over the Rainbow" and strutted around in a crowd-pleasing strut in a black bikini. Hot!

"You have to have curves," a victorious Kirsten Haglund said proudly of winning her battle with anorexia. "You can't look like a stick-thin model."

The aspiring Broadway star even ate the silver medallion chocolates left on her pillow in her suite at the host site, she said.

"I love chocolate," she said. "Chocolates are a girl's best friend."

A 5-foot 8-inch blonde, Haglund said she doesn't disclose her weight to avoid setting standards for youths obsessed with getting lighter.

After the crazy stories about Tara Conner, Katie Rees and other troubled beauty queens, here's hoping Kirsten Haglund sets a great example.


Kirsten happens to be friend of mine from high school & a good friend of my brother's and she is an amazing human being and we wish nothing but the stars for her! She is a beautiful person inside and out & she is the best person to set a better standard for Miss America.


Gorgeous & Humble ~ From an old "beauty queen" in the 60's = GREAT CHOICE AMERICA !


Well, I usually prefer a bit more meat, but she's definitely in shape for her body type, I'll give her that. It's not how thin you are that makes you sexy - it's fitting your body type and knowing how to wear clothing that flatters you.


my girl friend would smoke that in 2008 trust me think of that girl a little bit more sexyer with long brunette hair little bigger boobs and a nicer ass trust me i not lyin i know a good lookin girl when i see one and i got it you guys wanna picture for the next 2009 casue she will damn near blow her away


So I usually don't comment... but this girl's body is wonderful! Love her tone and shape.. love, love her legs!
She has one of the best bodies out there right now! Best of luck to her!


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Kirsten Haglund was crowned Miss America in early 2008. Prior to assuming that prestigious title, Kirsten Haglund was Miss Michigan. She... More »
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