Kimora Lee Simmons Nude for PETA

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Kimora Lee Simmons is the latest - and probably least well known - celebrity to get naked for a PETA ad.

The ex-wife of Russell Simmons stars in a reality TV show that no one cares about and appears to be a big supporter of dogs. Perhaps someone out there can explain to us why taking one's clothes is any sort of sign against animal cruelty.

Kimora Lee Simmons Nude

By posing in the buff, Simmons joins a growing list of celebrities who have donned their birthday suits for PETA. We fine the Christina Applegate nude ad particularly festive.


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Celebrities donning their birthday suits corresponds to PETA'S national campaign that states "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur"

Kimora Lee Simmons Biography

Kimora Lee Simmons Nude Kimora Lee Simmons is the estranged wife of Russell Simmons, who she married in 1998 and with whom she has two children. Kimora Lee... More »
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Kimora Lee Simmons
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