Kim Kardashian: Engaged to Reggie Bush?

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Sources close to Kim Kardashian are revealing to OK! Magazine that the star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, 27, recently got engaged to her boyfriend, 22-year-old Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star Reggie Bush.

Kim and Reggie Bush were together in Miami on December 31, where Kardashian was hosting Mansion's Tanqueray and Ciroc New Year's Bash in South Beach.

While no diamonds were spotted shining on Kim's ring finger, she did admit to OK! that things are getting serious. However, she added, "One thing I learned from '07 was to try to keep [my private life] as private as possible."

So don't expect a replay of the Ray J sex tape, Reggie. Sorry man.

Despite a New Year's resolution to not blab about her love life, Kardashian says her holiday with Reggie Bush, who has been hurt and unable to play with his New Orleans Saints since early December, has been "the best!"

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian

Are Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush engaged? What do you think?



Avatar happy for the lil freak and reggie bush.... but ummmm i think he deserves better... she pretty in all but she "lacks her marbles upstairs".......let this be known........any woman that is going to be with reggie should at last have some common sense.And thats the only thing that pisses me off about them being together....... Reggie baby i love you!!!!!!!!


wow! did shes already released a part 2 sex tape! or r they jst dry humping! :))


I was so MAD when I read about that! I love Reggie Bush sooooo fricken much and then i heard he was engaged! AHH! I loved him soo much! I wish i was kim!


OMG!!! i luv reggie bush! kim is very pretty as well. but if they are engaged im going to be verrry mad! cause i thought that ciara and reggie wuz 2gether..... wateva.


Aww Its OK Im Still In love With My Ex Reggie!
Im happy for Him =]
Looks like he got him a keeper
but He wiil alwways be my Baby
and have a part in me heart!=]


I think it not true an Iam very upset an me an my bestfriend is very mad


I can't beleive that they got engandge!!!! Didn't they produce a sx tape or something??? What?? Oh well, I love yhoo KIm!!!


they look good together and i really like both of them and im like a fan of both of them

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