Kim Kardashian and Her Bush Practice Safe Sex

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In the picture below, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are doing more than merely advocating safe sex.

The couple is taking a direct slap at Kim's former boyfriend and sex tape partner, Ray J.

Ks in Vegas

By taking a photo in the Lifestyles Make-Out Booth at the Sundance Film Festival, Kardashian and Bush are endorsing a brand that competes with Ray J's condoms. That's harsh of them.

The good news, of course, is that this is a sign that no little Kardashian is on the way any time soon. Lord knows we don't need a Kristoff or Kaya Kardashian in our lives right now.


Kim is a flake reggie is cool and ray-j is the man. Good 4 them all 4 prac safe sex!!!! Go stealeers stay undefeted


Yes i luv reggie and i think kim needs 2 thank ray for that tape or we wouldnt evn know her so thir isnt called for reggie stay out of this


you cute with reggie bush


Please Reggie, stay out of this kind of limelight, you are a professional NFL football player and I respect you and your talent since I'm a New Orleans Saints fan all my life. Please do not let your image be portrayed all over these trashy articles and be put on display like Romo and Simpson. Its so embarassing and you are better than this. Kim is a beautiful girl from a great family but wayyyyyy too much drama for your kind of profession and it will show up to bite you in the ass if you're not careful. Still love you Reggie!


i want to know if this is the reggie bush that played for the bucs and i have to say that kim and bush have no right to do what they did but i am a fan of both kim and bush


Foul, foul whore. Thank you, media, for making another no-talent amateur porn star rich and famous despite zero public or professional interest in such wanna-be trash.


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