Kevin Federline Rocks Out Hard on One Tree Hill

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"Lose Control" was so 2006. Here's a clip from this Tuesday's One Tree Hill where Kevin Federline plays some random rocker that the girls are checking out... and apparently considering signing to their record label. Really.

A few observations:

Go Get 'Em Champ
  1. One Tree Hill? Not at all cheesy.
  2. Federline can't really be singing, can he?
  3. As much as we'd like to ridicule K-Fed, at least he's trying to make a living and not completely embarrassing himself like Britney Spears.

That's it. Here's the clip...


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Hey......dont cut on One Tree Hill, Its a great show!!!! ♥ Even if they do have K-Fed as a guest star =)


At least he's trying! :-) Why can't he and Britney just let their hair grow out naturally? He's got great hair if he'd let it grow.


Seems as if all the pressure of doing this "gig" really has taken a tole on K-Fed.... Seems he had to resort in shaving his hair too! I mean... Why would he do that? Surely he knows he would be compared to his EX-WIFE!... HaHa... Hidiously beautiful.