Kelly Tilghman Sorry For Suggesting Golfers Lynch Tiger

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Better choices of words have been made.

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    good Graditude ...ok Kelly well END EVERYTHING AND BEGAN EVERTHING WITH DA GOLDEN .....,now before I get started we are backing this up with Judges that old an Judge woou woou and Please ..."Andy Jr." as I look at a light sucket and others 2 years lol lol Please...State the other STate the shorter lady "Sky Vodka Ma'am DA JOE OK!!!" says do 6 months concurrent with time served ...the Judge rejects ....the Debuty "South **" says the deal "and DA CoreyPavinfan01 we know" the deal was 6 months or they pull arrests BBBUUUAAA ! ! ! ! ! AUTO SHANE HARDT BEATLE'S.


    Did you get your computer on the Greyhound Kelly,and before I say anything and anything started Duh Era for any issue,ohh im doing notes lol well we also use Girls HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY. SHUSHUSHUSHUSHUSHU.


    Lol, yeah and all I hear everyday is blacks calling each other n---a..... It has become some cool tough phrase they use to boost their ego's....... So they use a degrading word to each other everyday..... But if a non black says it to em it becomes offensive and racist?..... That is ridiculous, they use their race to their benefit when they can....... Granted this is not all but a large majority...... She wasn't tryin to be offensive and lynching applied to all races .......seems so many organizations are just waiting for something or someone to say something and then jump all over their shit


    Big deal shoot him then


    Big deal


    She spoke the truth!! Tiger should be lynched!!!! Maybe when he returns to the south!


    If she had only said "Some of the guys should take that other guy in an alley and lynch him", nobody could have said 'boo'. But she said what she said, and big deal. Blacks are not the only ones ever lynched, So were a lot of WHITE union activists back a skilled laborer was lucky to get a dollar a day. Also lynched were WHITE murderers and horse theives. Get over it, people. Blacks are not special. Don't be so fricken' touchy.


    Kelly Tilghman should be fired, two weeks suspension is a joke and was nothing but a vacation for her. She is pure scum of the earth, that feels she can say whatever she wants and nothing will happen. Recently a black TV star lost his job for calling a fellow co-worker a "faggot", but she gets a two-week suspension, HUH???


    Guess the insidious ones are trying to shake Woods off his game. Not for one minute do I believe that this vile utterance was not calculated to have some deep psychological effect on him.


    Hey, to the idiot that said that Tiger is only have black: Tiger is actually only a quarter black. But that is really irrelavent. A violent, racist comment went out to millions of people. Not saying she should be fired, but she better not get a promotion during her review :)

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