Katharine McPhee Pumped Up About Life

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Former American Idol runner-up and certified cutie Katharine McPhee flashes that trademark smile we know and love as she pumps gas in Los Angeles.

And Kat's car isn't the only thing getting pumped up - the singer herself has plenty to be psyched for, as McPhee and boyfriend Nick Cokas recently got engaged!

Lauren Alaina Photo

That's one happy former American Idol star at the gas station!

Even in photos like this, where she's wearing far, far too much clothing, our staff adores Katharine McPhee. She's definitely the cutest creature we've done a post on all week ... narrowly edging out Suri Cruise and celebrity polar bear Knut.


pattispage probably doesn't like Knut the polar bear either. There's just no explaining some people's irrational hatred. As for me, I say, she sings, she's gorgeous, and she can pump her own gas, what more could a man want in a woman? Oh, BTW, pp, I'll buy Katharine Cokas' albums too, as long as she still sings like Katharine McPhee.


Pattispage, you are the saddest person I've ever seen, I have seen you post that exact same message about Kat in EVERY SINGLE BLOG ABOUT HER, the only person with problems is you. Katharine is going to be just fine. PSYCHO.


-"I'm so glad someone else doesn't like her." Not sure if an online alter ego qualifies as "someone else." ;)


I'm so glad someone else doesn't like her. I don't care who she marries, I think she should marry well, because it would be better for ALL of us if she just lived the rest of her life as a trophy wife.
She's not even pretty... Just very ordinary & annoying, and I agree fake.
And her song? SUCKED. Not original @ all and she didn't have the personality to carry it off as well as Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, or even Fanstasia could have.


-"It's funny how the timeline for when she will supposedly just vanish keeps changing." Yep. Longest "5 minutes" I've ever seen. :) Hey patti, can Taytay pump his own gas? ;)


You can boast about her gold single, you can boast about her movie career but all of that was before she officially announced that she was marrying that pervert.WHO will want to but her records, WHO wil want to buy movie tickets to see her? Just you diehard fans and that won't cut it. Her career winds up going from rags to riches to rags.Who wants to listen or see Katharine Cokas?


It's funny how the timeline for when she will supposedly just vanish keeps changing. She is going to have a long consistent career and she will always be working. Deal with it.


Shelle i'd like you to know that David himself said he was producing so I don't know how you need more confirmation then that. Last time I checked, open mouth smiles mean you are a phony? lol. And I don't think Chris or Kellie would say she was a bitch at all. Get your facts straight.


Kat is a poser -- always has that open-mouth smile -- a phony. She was a real bitch to the other contestants at AI. Recording with David Foster isn't confirmed, and it doesn't mean a thing nowadays who you record with. She must go for those old-men type of people, and it doesn't guarantee her anything -- especially with a small fanbase that is hers.

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