Katharine McPhee Pumped Up About Life

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Former American Idol runner-up and certified cutie Katharine McPhee flashes that trademark smile we know and love as she pumps gas in Los Angeles.

And Kat's car isn't the only thing getting pumped up - the singer herself has plenty to be psyched for, as McPhee and boyfriend Nick Cokas recently got engaged!

Lauren Alaina Photo

That's one happy former American Idol star at the gas station!

Even in photos like this, where she's wearing far, far too much clothing, our staff adores Katharine McPhee. She's definitely the cutest creature we've done a post on all week ... narrowly edging out Suri Cruise and celebrity polar bear Knut.

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Interesting that you can make up fan-base stats,pp and have such uncanny ability to predict the future.NOT.You are so full of yourself with your self-righteous bull.
I think you are totally jealous of Nick and therefore cannot resist making such hateful and slanderous remarks.
I've seen your references on other blogs about "hot women"; put 2+2 together and come up with your diagnosis:you are a (?closeted),man-hating gay woman...totally jealous of Nick Cokas.
You calling him every name in the book, with constant references to male enhancement products,perversion and pedophilia, is the very sick result of your attraction to Kat and consequent bitterness with the green-eyed monster!Get some help...at least for you kid's sake!


omg! when are you gonna stop talking about her marriage? i think your hate about katharine is because you were madly in love with nick in the past and he didn't want you because his mother never let him have animals in his house. now that he's married, all you do to offend kat and her fans is talking about her weird crush on old guys. wich you should, because you have too. oh i'm sorry, you're probably old too.. or doesn't have a body like kat's ;D


She's been in negotiations with another label for a while now, the buzz is that A&M or Warner {Foster's label} will sign her. I kinda thought that was coming when I heard Foster was producing her next album. Her original contract coming off Idol was only for one album, so that requirement was met a year ago.


um... she was dropped today by RCA. hope david foster can get another gig.


If you are so sure she will fail at life it should just happen, right. If you don't like her don't read about her, look at her etc. Just find another hobby. It's really pretty simple.


pattispage: "I will not comment any longer" At least not until the next Google alert, right?


Well McPhans, if I am wrong about her then so be it, we'll see what 2008 brings with the big fat greek wedding, but the proof is in the pudding.Success breeds Success and 43 yr old pervert Cokas is according to his IDMB and other bio's a FAILURE as an actor, and director and will bring her down to his level.She probably supports him financially anyhow.I will not comment any longer, I'll just let life play itself out. BYE BYE MCPANS


All truly talented individuals have their share of jealous people that say crap about them. And when that talented person is also a beautiful young woman,you get complete lunatics lieing about her. Katharine has these people. Pattispage, lilyallenrocks, and several others follow her all around the internet, they know more about her than the McPhans do. They lie about her, make up stories about her, call her names, post under multiple screennames, but it's all good. Their interest just shows that she's for real.
The McPhans have affection for them, since they keep her name out there. They even have a nickname for them: hags.

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