Kady Malloy: American Idol Ringer?

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As previously reported, American Idol producers are receiving a bit of flak this season for allowing so many singers with professional backgrounds to audition for the show.

One early favorite, Kristy Lee Cook, and another who has been rumored to advance to Hollywood (Carly Hennessy) were each signed to recording contracts a few years ago.

Now, we've received word that Kady Malloy - our favorite singer so far - actually released an album awhile back. Unfortunately, songs from the CD have been whitewashed from the Internet, likely by American Idol higher-ups.

But a post on the MySpace blog of indie music store Amie Street reads: "Kady Malloy's powerful voice and Hip Hop-influenced pop songs bring to mind a cross between Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and The Pussycat Dolls.

Kady's been working with Nick Trevisick, a producer and writer for artists like Mandy Moore and Natalie Imbruglia, so remember: you heard her on Amie Street first!"

Does this bother you, folks? Are you okay with the fact that Kady Malloy and so many others are not the type of undiscovered talent that American Idol has claimed to promote?


sei grande hai una voce bellisima, complimenti, qnd canti mi dai delle emozioni. spero ke diventerai anke famaosa in italia lo meriti... ciao


LIsten to Kadys "Autumn Leaves" and you will know this is a true artist..If she made a cd,,So what?..consider it a demo of things to come.. shes a rare gem.The pearl of Katy Texas..I heartd her before i realized shes from my home town..and gave her a Ten...i never met her but wish i did,, she should be making many CD's,Shes the Next Christine Aguilara.. able to sing any venue.. the problem with Idol is they dont let the singers sing what they do best ..Their sings.. they tell them "ok this week you sing Mario Lanzas songs" its ridiculous. they tie their vocal chords and say "ok lets hear you"..and thats the reason the shows going down each season.


This doesn't bother me at all. To be on AI you should be extraordinary. America doesn't want to see someone they could watch singing any day any where. I went to highschool with kady and she is such a wonderful singer and a great person. Ive had the pleasure of hearing her sing many times and she deserves to be there--end of story. She was born to sing, it'd be unrealistic for anyone to think she or anyone else on the show hasn't tried to make it before now. They are there because they want it...and if you want it you go after it every chance you get!!


It doesn't really matter if Kady had a record contract, deal, recording deal or not... She's not that good. She looks like she is pissed off all the time and unlikable.


What's the big deal if they have had recording contracts before?
Have you ever heard of any of these people before they appeared on American Idol? Most likely you hadn't and never would have if they never appeared on American Idol. Off Topic: I hated the way David Archuletta sang "Imagine"-John Lennon . Anyone else?


Kady and I were in school together. It doesn't bother me at all! She's a great singer and a beautiful person. She deserves every minute of attention she's getting!!!!!! You have to know her to love her! You people suck! GOOO KADY!!!!


If they were just open about people getting their 'last' chance at stardom instead of pretending that these people are total amateurs who wandered in off the street I don't think there would be such and uproar. Its not as if people don't have the internet-did they really think that people wouldn't find out? Do they think that America is THAT stupid? To spin the stories the way they are just seems totally deceitful. If people had record deals (or won nationally televised singing contests) just be honest about it so it doesn't backlash against the contestants. Its not their fault-I wouldn't pass on a chance at stardom if other attempts had failed. I think AI is doing them a disservice because voters will take it out on the contestants. I wonder if they are going to change how they present the finalists now that everyone knows the truth.


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Kady and Carly and Kristy Lee are all ringers. But last season was such a bust, I certainly will not complain. Besides, they're all so hot, who cares! Pretty girls who can sing always make for great television. I am very eager for this season of AI.


I think that Kady is my pick for the AI 2008. We would like to sponsor her and we are in Houston. An introduction to her would be great.

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