Jessica Wittenbrink: Beauty Pageant Winner, Victim

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Jessica Wittenbrink was crowned Miss South Florida Saturday night.

But what would a beauty pageant be without a bit of controversy, right Katie Rees? Know what we mean, Ingrid Marie Rivera? Don't you agree, Tara Conner?

In this latest beauty pageant scandal, a $3,400 dress belonging to Wittenbrink was found vandalized backstage in the middle of Saturday night's event, leading to a police inquiry and questions about how the situation was handled.

Seen here, Jessica Wittenbrink is wearing the dress that was later found to be smeared with lipstick.

Wittenbrink did eventually win the competition - along with $6,000 in cash, scholarship money and the opportunity to compete in the Miss Florida - rendering this scandal a bit less... scandalous.

Moreover, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said there was not enough ''conclusive evidence'' to name a suspect, whether it was one of the pageant contestants or an outsider.

"Unless new information presents itself, the case is going to be inactive,'' said Sgt. Pete Palenzuela, a PBSO spokesman.


Jessica radiates beauty not only from the outside but the in as well. You would see that if you weren't so shallow. Not all beauty queens HAVE to be pretty because beauty doesn't come from just the outside. There are a few terms I am sure you have never heard, one such as, "True beauty lies within" Jessica IS beautiful on the outside but even if she weren't, she would still glow with outward beauty. Just because you have self esteem issues it doesnt mean you have to project them onto other people.


Okay, all beauty pageant winners need to be pretty, and she's not... even under all that make-up. I would definitely think she just did it herself for the attention.


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