Hillary Clinton Cries, Breaks Down on Campaign Trail

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With her poll numbers slipping and Barack Obama surging, Hillary Clinton became extremely emotional during a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

We're not calling it a Britney Spears-style meltdown or anything, but the usually unflappable Hillary definitely breaks down a little in this clip...

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin Texting


Hillary Clinton finished a disappointing third in the Iowa caucus to Barack Obama and John Edwards. The New Hampshire primary is tomorrow. Is her candidacy doomed? On life support? Or poised for a comeback? What do you think?


Well if we ever go to war, ha, ha, and things don't go her way maybe she can convince the enemy to leave us alone and go home by crying. Get a grip!!


*Agrees with SickofEveryone*, except I'm for Obama.


I'm glad that Hilary has began to show her true self in public. Politics is an ugly game, and the presidential campaign is the ugliest of them all. The latter is also dominated by men. Unfortunately, Hilary has been fighting this battle as a man. She should fight like a girl and be proud of it. The rest of the country will see that and vote for her. She has my vote.


Oh, how clever. After coming across like a shark barracuda arrogant yelling bitch Saturday night Hillary's image maker must have told her to show that she's a human being, feminine, vulnerable, caring. What a great act! Good luck with your new image, Hillary and may all you lying corporate political whores rot in hell. Only Ron Paul speaks the truth.


you are pathetic. quit crying, your white house days are over before they ever started. you don't give a rats ass about the country all you care about is yourself. and thank god this nation sees through you. oh and ps. you DO NOT HAVE 35 years experience. your husband does.


Stick a fork in her because SHE IS DONE!

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