Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt Make Money; Discuss Love, Marriage

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Which is a bigger ring:

And Stay Out!

The rock Spencer Pratt gave to Heidi Montag when he asked for her hand in marriage, or the sound of this couple's cash register every time it poses on the cover of a celebrity gossip rag?

This time, it's Life & Style Weekly. Here are highlights of the gag-worthy interview The Hills stars gave to the publication:

Spencer, on what he needs to change: "I need to learn to compromise more and listen to what she wants."

Heidi, on if she'll marry Spencer: "The only way I'll marry Spencer is if he starts acting like a man instead of a little boy. I feel like I'm dating a preschooler sometimes â€" it's always playtime with him."

A source, on Spencer's image rehabbing: "Spencer wants to make peace with former pals Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner... he's trying to turn his reputation around."


spencer and heidi look like brother and sister, and when spencers sister is with them they look like triplet idiots. one can only imagine what their kids would look like lmao you suck spencer and heidi.


Heidi and Spencer need to get a life, they both are liars and doesn't know what it means ro get married or have children or anything. I hate both of them Heidi needs to learn that Spencer is only playing her and doesn't wantot marry her forreal and Spencer just needs to back off because nobody likes him at all. I hate him for the things he did to Lauren he knew that was wrong. Get the facts together if you want to continue to make a life with a person you supposly LOVE.


You should have asked which was more fake...the fake engagement or Spencer's sudden change of heart. And, Heidi is the biggest liar of them all....what a joke! He wants to make peace with what Heidi calls the spoiled diva? They need to get their notes straight on the lies they tell.


Haha. I like the cover headlines. Heidi FINALLY opens up about her cosmetic surgery and how much she hates Lauren Conrad! Topics that she certainly hasn't already covered in Us Weekly. (Or on various radio shows... or in tacky Perez Hilton interviews... so on and so forth.)

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