Heidi Montag: Lauren Conrad is a Diva

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Heidi Montag recently posed for Maxim. This we know, as we brought you the pics. But here are a few choice comments from Heidi Montag's interview...

Maxim: The Hills is a "scripted" reality show. Let's settle this: How real is it?

Heidi Montag
: The Hills is a show that's 22 minutes long and about seven people's lives. It's edited for drama, and there are editors and story lines. If someone walks in front of the camera, we have to redo the shot. So it's not exactly how things always are. It's not The Truman Show. They're not with us all the time, although I wish they were, because it would be a way crazier show. Let's see how Lauren Conrad would look then!

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Maxim: Meow! So are you and L.C. friends at all?

Heidi Montag: She's changed. Some people go more Hollywood than others. We're from different backgrounds. She grew up in that spoiled Laguna Beach world, and I grew up with humble beginnings. She's very controlling. She was crazy about how much time I spent with Spencer, and I had to see her every day. I've heard from other people that she's a big diva now.

Oh. No. She. Didn't. Some people just can't leave well enough alone.

Call us crazy Heidi, but if Lauren Conrad is more Hollywood than you, why hasn't she had a boob job? A nose job? Gotten new lips? Staged a bogus engagement and paraded around trying to get bikini pics of herself online every day?


look heidi your a phony bitch and a wannabe star as well as your stupid ugly dickface boyfriend spencer who the only thing he is good for is make up story y metiendo sisanllas if you and lc where bestfriends as you have said before you wouldn't never put a guy first over a friendship because guys can come and go but a friend is always there when you need one so do everybody a favor stop talking trash and get a life a real life not that fantasy world where you think your living. Stop posing that plastic figure.


heidy eres mi fan pero lamento q no te des cuenta quien es spencer el no te quiere el solo te quiere para q no hables con lauren de corazon y con toda almiracion vigila mas a spencer te quiero att maria you life is lauren


why hate...she let u stay in her house in laguna, her parents fed u and this is how u treat her. if u didn't like the place she grew up in, then why did u stay with her.....u r to blame for all of this...and for that u are fake, and the true diva...u gotta put someone else down to draw attention to yourself...SO SELFISH OF U!!!!!!!!!!


people i know have met lauren and said shes a bitch..so heidi may not be innocent, but neither is lauren i cant stand lauren, heidi, or spencer and hopefully the show ends after this season


Heidi you are ridiculous! LC was indeed your ticket to fame...You came from nowhere and now you wanna walk around the place like you're some goddess...Not! Your nose is still messed up and you need to do something with your stupid hair! You ugly as hell biatch! Lauren is beautiful and she is the star, not you!


What a bitch!!! And she is still fugly as hell. LC was your ticket to hollywood little fugly ingrate.


Get over yourself Heidi. I can never understand why you have to talk about Lauren in all your interviews and bash her. She was your ticket to fame , you ungrateful attention seeking bitch!


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