Fox News' John Gibson Mocks Death of Heath Ledger

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Fox News' John Gibson recently commented on Heath Ledger's death - making remarks so tasteless and inappropriate, they must be heard to be believed.

On his radio show, which opened with funeral music, John Gibson called Heath Ledger a "weirdo" with a "serious drug problem."

Putting aside the fact that the exact cause of Ledger's death has still not been determined, that's pretty bad. But it got much, much worse.

Making fun of the famous line from Brokeback Mountain - the 2005 film that earned Heath an Oscar nomination for Best Actor - Gibson played the clip in which Jake Gyllenhaal's character says, "I wish I knew how to quit you."

Gibson then interjects: "Well, he found out how to quit you." What a d!ck. Click here to listen to this and the rest of Gibson's remarks.

John Gibson's ridicule of Heath Ledger defies comprehension.

Laughing, Gibson then played another clip from Brokeback Mountain in which Heath Ledger's character, Ennis, says "We're dead," followed by Gibson's own, mocking "We're dead" before playing the clip again.

This makes Rush Limbaugh seem downright lovable.

So, starring in a movie in which you portray a gay man - Heath Ledger himself was straight, not that it would make Gibson any less repulsive - makes it okay for commentators to mock your death? Absolutely incredible.

The world is mourning the loss of a great talent. Ledger's family and all of humanity deserve better than this. Get this a$$hole off the air forever.

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yanno so many other people have lost their jobs bc of stupid remarks made...this isnt stupid its downright evil
fire this douche!


Let's get this guy fired- sign the petition!