For Celebrity Gossip Magazines, Pregnancies = $$$

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OK! Magazine, the now-infamous celebrity news and gossip source, could not possibly have purchased all the attention it enjoyed last month after it got the scoop that Jamie Lynn Spears is three months pregnant.

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    Is this really the Palin Grandkid's Father?


    Jeronimo obviously has a personal problem with Carol Plants. He seems to know more about her than the average person. And glad to see Mel picked up on it, that tv coverage for stalkers is when they are in court, behind bars, not trying to learn the truth. The only apology that needs to be given is from you to Carol. She only wants to know the truth one way or the other. She wants to know who her family is. Personally, I find nothing wrong with that. What I do find a problem with is the threats she has received; employers telling her to go away. Now I wonder why is that? Who has what to hide or more importantly who does not want not only Carol, but Mr. Brosnan and the world from finding out the truth? I think there is much more to this story than meets the eye. And as my gram also said, the truth comes out in the wash!


    To Jeronimo - ignorant, mean, rotten, stupid people abound. Your comments surely puts you at the top of that list and shows your true ignorance, stupidity and nastiness. I can categorically state that Carol is NOT a stalker and you obviously don't know the facts or care to know. Makes me wonder who you are, what your motives are, and what you have to gain by trying to trash her? News shows are not in the habit of airing stalkers' claims as her's was on Inside Edition. They are, however, fond of reporting their arrest and jail time. We find it almost funny how we have never ONCE read in the alleged 20 years you claim she has been stalking him, that Carol has stalked Mr. Brosnan - until you opened your mouth. My momma always told me if you don't know the facts, shut your mouth - and to put it in childlike terms for you - Thumper's papa told him - if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!


    Jeronimo, I don't know who you are but I suspect that your inspired words come from the bottom of a bottle. Perhaps you can drink enough courage to face me. If you know me as your comment suggests then you'll know how to reach me. I dare you.


    Jeronimo aka (probably drunken aunt sheila) , I think your attacks on Mom are pitiful. Your lies may have helped you steal your daughters' children, but they won't get you us. You never cared for us before, don't pretend to now.


    Jeronimo, I don't know who you are but I'm sure your inspired words came straight from the bottom of a bottle. Maybe you can drink enough courage to face me. If you know me as you suggest in your comment, then you should be able to reach me. I dare you.


    Carol Plants has been a stalker for over 20 years using different names. She made this all up and dragged her poor kids from home onto the streets for her 15 minutes of fame. If she was really Mr. Brosnan's half sister, and if she was really abused by her husband, then she could verify the facts and be living with her family in Clearwater, FL where she was raised. She did not need to put her poor daughters through this and I think we all owe Mr. Brosnan an apology for the way we embraced and gave aid to this stalker.


    They're mother has the biggest problem, she niavely thought it was okay to pimp out her daughters for fame and money while Hollywood
    chewed them up and spit them out. Though I truley feel that Britney and her sister are going to be okay if they put a healthy distance between themselves and their mother, take time out to find who they are, and astablish their careers on their terms.


    I think their mom needs to back the hell of them if thats the girls' problems. Im sure fame is a lot to deal with. People do make mistakes. Papparrazzi makes eerything so much more dramatic. Yes brittney is crazy, and now her sister is knocked up, but it's not going to help if someone is always up in their business making things worse. Howevery, they do need to stop being out of control and straighten the hell up and just learn from their mistakes.


    Honestly everyone leave her the hell alone. She's a very sad girl and all of the publicity that she keeps getting just makes it worse! Who cares how she lives her life?? Does anyone care how you live yours?? NO! Let her do what she can and leave her the hell alone. I think she's made some wrong decisions in her life but everybody has! So why not focus on your mistakes? Oh yeah you're not famous! Who gives a sh*t what she does in her own house and behind closed doors?!?! She's a human being just like everyone else. Give her some frikin slack and quit acting holier than thou, get over yourselves and let her be!

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