Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds: The Wedding Picture

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The Hollywood Gossip was one of the first sites to break the story of Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds getting married.

And here's proof of the event. Don't they make an adorable couple?

Eddie Murphy Photograph

Perhaps Lindsay Lohan and Eduardo Costa - or Dario Faiella or Alessandro Di Nunzio - will one day follow in the marital footsteps of Murphy and Edmonds.

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Eddie Murphy needs to remain single and continue his womanizing campaign and by the way welcomed to the club Tracey its sad to see that even with all the money brother like Eddie have they lack character just like you common day man. Try another mix or date happily ever after.


Eddie and Tracey are not legally married so she is not entitled to any of his money. They are fooling people, this is why they went way out of the country to hurt Nicole Murphy? Mel B? or the other mother's of your unwed children and to cover up the homosexuality with Johnny Gill who by the way was Eddie's "Best Man" but remember Eddie has two brothers....Come on this wedding is a sham!!!


Sorry, Tracy but Eddie is a HOMO..and Tracy I thought you were a lady of elegance and class, but NOT...how could you marry him knowing that he have a child that he will not acknowledge, as a mother I would have thought better of you, BIRDS OF A FEATHER!!!!!


whatt a lovely couple i love the picture, congratulations on your marraige.