Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds Reportedly Split

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Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds are doing their best impression of Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon.

Just two weeks after their wedding, the couple has split, Access Hollywood states.

Eddie Murphy at Tower Heist Premiere

The couple tied the knot on New Year's Day on a private island near Bora Bora in French Polynesia - but the ceremony was a spiritual one; the couple planned on having a legally binding marriage upon returning to the U.S.

But that never took place. Which perhaps could have been a sign that this union was never meant to be.

Murphy's rep issued the following statement::

"After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forego having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further.

While the recent symbolic union in Bora Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends."


I think it would have been a match from hell. He looks like Godzilla, and she looks like Tinker Bell. The wedding was beautiful any! "You have just read anotha Notta Pickin Cotton Filmworks Production, SimoniaMeChelle your Hollywood Gossip Consultant." go to myspacemusic.com/simoniamechel...


the reason she didn't marry eddie is because she will loose the $3 million annual income that was apart of her divorce settlement with babyface. if she remarries, all of that money goes out the window. (which is in the divorce decree) not to mention, she has her own money and is probably worth close to what eddie is considering she has her own producing company. i think it was a hollywood arrangement. nothing more.


she should of stayed with babyface after all if it was not for him who would know tracey, eddie murphy has played out and as for as her wanting his money she has money did you forget she divored babyface


the best thing in the world possibly happened not to continue into marriage without lots of careful thought..i just wasted a marriage thinking someone was ready and only find they were not and still not mature enought to handle marriage,people need to understand and realize marriage is sacred not just a dress up affair. someone is going to accountable to someone higher than earth..take it serious,cause it is


He left her because she didnt put that WHIPP APPEAL on him like she did BabyFace.


There was not enough time between relationshonships. These people had unresolved issies. I hope they both find happiness.


eddie murphy should pls just remain a bachelor for the rest of his life...he's looking real stupid wit all dem tie n' break marriages!


please, they probably broke up because he wanted to sign a prenup. She only wanted to marry Eddie Murphy for his money.


I think that is a great idea that they remain friends. I am thinking that Tracey really did a lot of soul searching and realized that she is not ready to make that committment to Eddie. Eddie really need to find the Lord in his life and get a grip on things & his priorities. He really need to focus on what type of leggacy he wants his children to remember about him.


Maybe she found out that what his ex wife had alluded all along that he goes both ways. Who knows. It's hollywood.

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