Diet and Fitness Tips From... Lauren Conrad!

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Apparently unaware that there are celebrities without the last name Spears and who do not appear on The Hills, Us Weekly features the lovely Lauren Conrad on its cover (not that we're complaining) yet again this week!

In the cover story, Lauren Conrad, LeAnn Rimes and other celebrities share their diet and fitness secrets that can help make your shape great in 2008.

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In a 23-page bonus section within the magazine, stars such as The Hills' leading lady, LC, American Idol's Kimberly Locke and Dancing with the Stars' Samantha Harris, reveal how they recently have dropped those stubborn pounds.

The Hills' Lauren Conrad works diligently to stay in shape, but she certainly doesn't have to try hand to make the cover of this fine celebrity news publication!

LeAnn Rimes has a protein-rich diet and works out with her dancer husband, while Lauren Conrad sticks to a daily 1,500-calorie diet of six mini-meals and twice-weekly weight lifting and treadmill sessions.

Here's hoping those weightlifting sessions pay off for LC when she gets into a fist fight with Spencer Pratt on this spring's bonus episodes of The Hills!

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lmao. your all haters. Plain&&simple :)


the girl who put lauren conrad eats cock and cocaine your propaly fat and sad get a life.
lauren conrad rocks (L)


well personally, u guys are lame. i mean, cmon. who wouldnt jump at the chance to have cameras follow u and to expose yourself? puhlleeze. like u wouldnt......SUuuure. anywoo, get a life looozers, stop HATING, and LOSE Weight and get off your fat buttcheeks and DO sumthing instead of hating on public figures that are striving to do sumthing. yea, i broght it. =P


It's not lauren's fault all those people tune in. She's smart enough to get paid for just walking down the street.


LOL i would rather see them on the magazine them overweight people giving tips on how to eat mc donalds . and who really cares if lauren got famous for having her own show hahaha i would do it if i got offered ! seriously get over it !


ok first of all lauren conrad is an awesome girl and she looks hot, why is there a problem with that? she obviously is not like nicole richie, that was a stupid comparison, why not share tips with the overweight population of america, whats the harm in informing people how to stay healthy... they are just tips, whether one decides to read them or not, no need to bash on these women! they look great good for them!




First of all to all of those haters stop hating on lauren and leann. They worked really hard to become who they are and look like they do and want to reveal their diet tips and show their success to other people who are overweight. Both lauren and leann look hot and deserve to flaunt it.


The only diet LC is on is cocaine and cock eating. God you people are losers for following this "reality" show.


Who cares about these peoples diets? Neither of them are actually anything big... So why on earth would I care about what they eat? If the only way they can get publicity is to talk about how they lose weight or by being in a bikini on the front of a magazine, then they are just pointless people who are wasteing our air.

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