DeAnna Pappas: Prime Bachelorette Material

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ABC recently announced that in addition to the new season of The Bachelor that will air this spring, The Bachelorette will return this summer.

Why there has been a three-year gap since a woman was last in the driver's seat is not known, though the waffling of Brad Womack may be a big reason the network eventually decided to bring back the popular spin-off.

DeAnna Pappas from the last season of The Bachelor was first on many lists of prime candidate for The Bachelorette. While nothing has been announced, she's certainly stoking the rumors with some recent comments.

If she were to become The Bachelorette, DeAnna said:

"I would approach the experience with a very open mind. I would also do my best to try to be very understanding considering I would know exactly what the guys are going through! I will approach it with the hope of finding one amazing man that hopefully I can live happily ever after with in the end."

DeAnna Pappas Picture

DeAnna Pappas, seen here with that ass clown Brad, also mused on what kind of romantic dates she would like to plan if she were chosen as The Bachelorette.

"[Brad Womack] told us girls that he was able to help the producers with some of the ideas for the dates... like the circus date, the pool date, etc. Those dates were my favorite because I am so a low key, easy to please person," she said.

"I'm not a very "girly" girl... so diamonds and fancy dresses don't impress me! Flowers either for that matter... they just die! I guess if I could choose the dates, I would really love to go to a baseball game and drink beer! A football game would even please me. Maybe something more active, like white water rafting or on a boat at the lake. That's real life for me."

NOTE: Call us, DeAnna. Please?

Whether or not DeAnna Pappas becomes The Bachelorette remains to be seen, but it appears she's put some thought into it - and would be stellar.


This is the worst season ever. i agree with the girl above....deanna has been dealt NOTHING here to grasp onto. shes going to chose someone out of desperation and end up at divorce court. jessie and jason are nice...but i dont see the connection. i see her going for this jeremy guy who seems like a souless jerk. gross..they never laugh together, he has no personality. all he is to her is sexy...and i dont even think hes that. not without a personality!
good luck deanna.....if you're a smart girl, youll do what brad did and keep on looking!


i hope she picks
Jason, he is way too hot
to not be picked, if she picks
Graham, the relationship will not last.


I like Jason also for DeAnna, however, I think she needs a stronger man like Sean. Then his lifestyle is not substantial to take care of DeAnna. I haven't seen anyone who loves her enough. Like sweep her off her feet kind of love. And she seem awfullly quiet.


good morning well i he guess i will give my though
i think she will pick my fovarite l Jason I know everyone don't think hes right but i do beleive he for real and DeAnna wouldn't hurt for anything this show isn't fixed like the matt and shayne was I do beleive putting happiness out and she did find a very special person and it is jason.good luck jason


I think DeAnna needs a strong man, in ways and statue. Jerime and Graham have nothing for her. She seems to have some connection. I think if the others that are left get time with her, she will find her man.


I feel sad for brad..It was his lost not deAnna's.
She deserve someone better than Brad and someone who intends to keep her forever.


I think they should of had Brad as one of the guys, would that not have been interesting to see if she still is in love with him, how do they get over it so quickly as in the Suns dancer, Jenny I think her name was, got over brad, she is engaged to an old flame. I find it all amusing and hope they all get what they are looking for


I saw in the paper where the new Bachelorette is from Campbellsville Ky
I live in Greensburg Ky 18 miles away...and go to Campbellsville all the time...I know the area where she lives...and I think she is an earthy type and we are very friendly in small town..I think she knows after the first 10 are gone........and I hope she finds true love..........I for one am proud that a Ky girl has made it this far and will get this lucky
All my best to DeAnna
Susan from Greensburg,Ky
Good luck and best wishes for love and marriage.....

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