DeAnna Pappas: Prime Bachelorette Material

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ABC recently announced that in addition to the new season of The Bachelor that will air this spring, The Bachelorette will return this summer.

Why there has been a three-year gap since a woman was last in the driver's seat is not known, though the waffling of Brad Womack may be a big reason the network eventually decided to bring back the popular spin-off.

DeAnna Pappas from the last season of The Bachelor was first on many lists of prime candidate for The Bachelorette. While nothing has been announced, she's certainly stoking the rumors with some recent comments.

If she were to become The Bachelorette, DeAnna said:

"I would approach the experience with a very open mind. I would also do my best to try to be very understanding considering I would know exactly what the guys are going through! I will approach it with the hope of finding one amazing man that hopefully I can live happily ever after with in the end."

DeAnna Pappas Picture

DeAnna Pappas, seen here with that ass clown Brad, also mused on what kind of romantic dates she would like to plan if she were chosen as The Bachelorette.

"[Brad Womack] told us girls that he was able to help the producers with some of the ideas for the dates... like the circus date, the pool date, etc. Those dates were my favorite because I am so a low key, easy to please person," she said.

"I'm not a very "girly" girl... so diamonds and fancy dresses don't impress me! Flowers either for that matter... they just die! I guess if I could choose the dates, I would really love to go to a baseball game and drink beer! A football game would even please me. Maybe something more active, like white water rafting or on a boat at the lake. That's real life for me."

NOTE: Call us, DeAnna. Please?

Whether or not DeAnna Pappas becomes The Bachelorette remains to be seen, but it appears she's put some thought into it - and would be stellar.


I think DeAnna should pick Jason not Jesse. I seems Jesse's life revolves around snowboarding too much and it is his first priority. Jason has experience and i truely believe he loves her, especially when he compared her to Tye on the last episode. So good luck Jason! I can't wait until Monday night to see who she chose.


I hope that she picks Jason. He's so cute and the right guy for her. So Jason good luck. Can't wait for Monday night to see who she has choosen.


I hope she picks Jason...Jessee is too imature! Jason is the way to go!!


Thank goodness she sent Jeremy home!!!!!!! He was soooooo not right for her! Jesse isn't right either. Jason is absolutly the right way to go! I hope she is able to see the full picture and see that Jesse isn't right for her, but Jason is! Good Luck Jason and I REALLY hope she picks you.


I think she will pick Jason, for the simple reason that he has more to offer to being a husband than I think Jesse does.. and she seems to have more of a connection with Jason.


After watching tonights episode, I sure hope that she picks Jason. I think that Jesse is not right and will only be snowboarding all the time and has nothing to offer Deanna. Now Jason has alot to offer and I wish them the best.


i hope she picks jason too, he seems down to earth and stable .. jesse? well i feel if he has no snow he has nowhere to go lol .. he just wants happiness, which dont get me wrong thats great and o so romantic but in todays world? anyways my fingers r crossed for jason!!


Why did we HARDLY see DeAnna with Brian.
He was my pick from the start and I couldn't
wait to see them together and it never happened!
I wish she could have given him more of a chance
instead of Twilley!!!!
Jeremy is weird and I like Jesse, BUT I hope
she picks Jason.
Kim for Il.


DeAnna and Jason fit perfect together. Jeremy is too fake and WEIRD. Then Jessie, he is still a kid and immature and not ready to be a husband yet, which is what DeAnna wants. Jason is perfect......he is kind, sensitive, caring, and more. Plus, he has the most adorable son, Ty. Good Luck DeAnna, I hope you pick Jason!!!


I think she will pick Jeremy, only because he is romantic and sensetive. They have a lot in common and she seems to fit right in with his family.
Jason has a child who is the most important thing in his life, so where would DeAnna fit in?
Jessie don't have much to offer her- I can't see her being with a professional snowboarder.
Edina Mn.

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