DeAnna Pappas: Prime Bachelorette Material

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ABC recently announced that in addition to the new season of The Bachelor that will air this spring, The Bachelorette will return this summer.

Why there has been a three-year gap since a woman was last in the driver's seat is not known, though the waffling of Brad Womack may be a big reason the network eventually decided to bring back the popular spin-off.

DeAnna Pappas from the last season of The Bachelor was first on many lists of prime candidate for The Bachelorette. While nothing has been announced, she's certainly stoking the rumors with some recent comments.

If she were to become The Bachelorette, DeAnna said:

"I would approach the experience with a very open mind. I would also do my best to try to be very understanding considering I would know exactly what the guys are going through! I will approach it with the hope of finding one amazing man that hopefully I can live happily ever after with in the end."

DeAnna Pappas Picture

DeAnna Pappas, seen here with that ass clown Brad, also mused on what kind of romantic dates she would like to plan if she were chosen as The Bachelorette.

"[Brad Womack] told us girls that he was able to help the producers with some of the ideas for the dates... like the circus date, the pool date, etc. Those dates were my favorite because I am so a low key, easy to please person," she said.

"I'm not a very "girly" girl... so diamonds and fancy dresses don't impress me! Flowers either for that matter... they just die! I guess if I could choose the dates, I would really love to go to a baseball game and drink beer! A football game would even please me. Maybe something more active, like white water rafting or on a boat at the lake. That's real life for me."

NOTE: Call us, DeAnna. Please?

Whether or not DeAnna Pappas becomes The Bachelorette remains to be seen, but it appears she's put some thought into it - and would be stellar.


Hi and thiz iz ya host of Whoze dating who and im Sara keller and i just resently talked to the pair couple of Thegame and Imani woods and in games words.. well when we first dated i didnt know she liked me alot but look at uz now and so she kws i luv her exspecially wit that azz........ anyhow az in imanis woods and she says well yez sara im please and when game got engaged to me i said wow :O i was surprised but anyhow.............!!!! all i can is that i luv him so :)!!!anddatswhozedatingwhotoallhaters!!


CH. 7 ABC EDITED THE SERIES TO SHOW US WHAT THEY WANTED TO SHOW US! NO ONE KNOWS THE WHOLE STORY! People, do your homework because based on watching the planned & taped episodes many times it is obvious that: JESSE- hot!, genuine, successful(check his info on line), fun, smart(he had a strategy), big heart, great personality, cool as hell, best family, strong inside & out. JASON- in love with being in love, dorky, he's the one that exposed his son, fake-tried to copy Graham wearing baseball cap backwards, can't stand the way he held Deanna's chin while kissing, tried to hard (especially with Deanna's family). Jeremy- depressed, boring, stiff, too into winning (almost a competition with Graham to see who'd win), show off. Graham- no communication, on show to promote modeling career(check his info on line), just wasn't into Deanna and knows he was the hottest guy on the show. This may or may not be true, but I enjoyed the happy ending. Looking forward to May 9, 2009


man i thought she was goin to pick jason...they look
soo cute together...well it was a BIG shocking....well deanna
congradulations with your marriage...i knoe it was hard for you..but have a wonderful i dont knoe wat to bye


I truly enjoyed watching DeAnna on Bachelorette. She is so awesome and Jesse, to my surprise, is the absolute Best choice. What a great match and I hope to hear more on their relationship in the future. Best of everything to them!


Jason was right for her not Jesse I agree with the comment above we should all nominate jason for the Bachelor!


Jason was the one for her, Jesse didn't seem right for her. Jason should get his own chance at true love. Nominate him for the Bachelor!!


Wow so disappointed, I thought jason was a good match for her ,i would like a update on jason . Or maybe the next bachelore. good luck jason .


$ don't buy happinis


I was so very much disappointed that DeAnna didn't choose Jason. He is such a gentleman and seemed to be so in love with her. He seemed to be the perfect one for her.


Boy , I have never made a comment before but here goes.. I loved the show and I thought she would pick Jesse. She didn't want to hurt Jason but that is TV , that is the nature of the show. It was up to her, not us. It is her life.

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